"Account wide essences" was a lie

I earned rank 3 of breath of the dying on a pure DPS toon who cannont purchase healer or tank essences. Why am I being punished for playing a pure DPS toon?


Why do you think Breath of the Dying isn’t good for dps?

Also, yeah. I don’t like the way they did it with the essences but it is what it is.


People were asking for account-wide essences. As often is the case, the original announcement left out critical details that made all the difference.

Even when it was first announced, for all the people saying, “Look, they listened! We got account-wide essences!” there were also people saying, “Wait a minute. This isn’t ‘account-wide essences’.”

Read everything carefully. Read what it says, and be aware of what it doesn’t say. Be careful not to fill in the blanks with what you want something to be.


Yeah it really was a lie. Sure taught me to not play Druid, Monks, and Paladins! Won’t fool me again!


I love breath but my hpal wants the healer one

Lol it wasnt a lie. Its what you envisioned. That doesnt mean its a lie. They made a compromise.


It’s not a lie, you have access to the exact same essences you unlocked. What you want is access to those that you didn’t unlock. There is a difference between want they gave us and what you wanted.


Jason is right, they did tell us from the original announcement that it was only account wide IF you had it learned. Which still, punishes limited role classes, because they were never even given the privilege of learning the missing roles essences.


Mains of Priests, Paladins, Monks, Warriors, DKs, DHs, Shamans, Druids winning while the pure DPS classes losing.


Except the made an exception for Nazj/Mech rep-based essences, which makes you wonder why only those and not any of the other essences that have multiple roles.

Especially after they changed those 2 reputations from exalted to revered…

“Account wide” in the same way that we had “playable sub races”. You need to read the fine print in World of MAUcraft.


Right I can see youre being sarcastic but it wasnt a lie. Sorry. I’m not defending blizzard I think the system overall is great but the way they went about it could’ve been a thousand times better and the whole ‘logging onto mains first’ situation, they never lied though.

Thats a lie. Why should hybrid classes have access to tank healer and dps essences on all their alts for the EXACT SAME GRIND

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I think it’s just standard practice for Blizzard, they have a knack for taking a cool idea and bastardizing it just enough for us to hate while still being willing to do it because we want the reward lol


Because they can actually use those essences? I’m not saying their system is perfect but I don’t understand how it doesn’t make sense to you.

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It’s the same with BG Honor Essence. Also, they make you go back to EP if you didn’t collect a specific essence from there. RIP if you mained your DPS only toon during that patch.

They don’t. they had to BUY the different version of the essence. For example when I bought my ET DPS essences, it didn’t automatically give me the tank one. I had to buy that one as well, which is why my DK now has access to it.

If the hybrid didn’t unlock the alternate role version of essences they won’t have access to them either.


Oh why wouldnt you want more people to play tank and dps…doesnt make sense

Eh. People want the essences that are earned in the exact same way as the ones they got but that aren’t available on those toons. They already did that content to get the essence.

Hybrids get to unlock those as they play more just by merit of having other roles available to them. People playing pure DPS don’t even have that option.

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They never claimed they were giving anyone “account-wide essence”. What they said was they were giving you an alternate way to earn the lvl3 essence if your main had earned it.