Account locked - Need help

Well I can input my e-mail or phone # now but I get forwarded to the “too many attempts” screen now after doing so.

Hm. Well, the only other thing I can think of that would cause this, assuming everything is working normally on both your end of things and Blizzard’s back end… would be if someone other than you is trying to access your account more frequently than you are yourself.

I would think Vrak would tell you if that were the case, though. I assume you’re able to talk on the forums due to already being logged in on another device?

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On account lock issues, does it normally take more than 24 hours for them to fix? Just wondering!

I’d say approximately 48-72 hours with the whole work-from-home situation right now.

Ugh, it told me 24 hours and I was hoping to play this evening haha. Oh well!

What were you locked out for? It could just be a simple matter of changing your account password if it was a location lock.

Response times are around 48 hours at the moment, but keep in mind, that is for all issues. Higher priority issues tend to be handled more quickly, as we try to get to situations in which a person is unable to play as soon as we can.

It does generally require putting a ticket in under the correct category though, so it can be prioritized accurately. From what I can see, Doctordeath, you used the account penalty category. I would go with “Unlock Account” which is found under Account > I can’t log in.

Click the link I provided and you should be able to get that started. You’ll need to attach ID verification, but it is usually pretty quick and easy overall.


Sent it! I hope it doesn’t take long. My other tickets been up for 24+. Thank you again for a quick response.

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So, I try to open WOW this morning. The screen goes to a screen that says Return to WOW, Defeat the Soulflayer. But, I am paid in FULL already. So, I log into the website which says I AM PAID IN FULL. So, I go ahead and subscribe another freaking $15 and it still does the same god damn thing. What the holy freak is going on with Blizzard!??!?!?!?!

I removed that 5 year old Starter Account and Still having same problem. I have paid TWICE now for this subscription. Anybody can give me any real advice since we cannot chat or call any real help!

You already got your answer in your own thread, but I’ll repeat it here:

That is an advertisement. Click “X” in the top right corner to get it out of the way. It has nothing to do with the status of your account or game licenses.

Your comment also has nothing to do with the original issue in this thread.