Out of nowwhere, asks me to subscribe again!

So, I try to open WOW this morning. The screen goes to a screen that says Return to WOW, Defeat the Soulflayer. But, I am paid in FULL already. So, I log into the website which says I AM PAID IN FULL. So, I go ahead and subscribe another freaking $15 and it still does the same god damn thing. What the holy freak is going on with Blizzard!??!?!?!?!

Well, for one, that’s an ad for classic rain release. For another, you can check the b-net app to see if you have time on your account. Sounds like you log onto a different account.


Nope, I only have ONE single account. It is the same user I have always had for 15 years. And, it immediately goes to add Subscibtion page every freaking time. But, on website it is fine.

Do you have a drop-down above the Play button? Check again to make sure it hasn’t switched to something else. We’ve been seeing posts about the launcher switching to older or even starter accounts that haven’t been used in years. Happened to me too :wink:


Your older named account is fine, Fixins. Not sure what you are seeing unless the starter under WoW 1 is triggering an ad.

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There is no Play Button!!! There is no Drop Down!!! Only asks me to Subscribe!!!

Website says account is ACTIVE!!!

Are you looking at an ad? Is there an X up in the corner?


There should be an “X” in the top right of the ad. Click that


How do I remove that account?!?!?!?!

You can remove a starter, but to get to play you should be able to just close the ad.


I removed that 5 year old Starter Account and Still having same problem. I have paid TWICE now for this subscription. Anybody can give me any real advice since we cannot chat or call any real help!

clicking on the X in upper right of the ad (not the X on the launcher itself) will get you to the launcher you normal have.


That did it

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Edit: Removing the starter account fixed the issue as well.

I’m having the same issue. I can log onto retail with no issues but it tells me for classic that I need an active subscription. I still have time left on my subscription.

That’s likely just an advertisement. Did you click the X that’s above the ad and to the right?