Account Closure

Recharge for two days, play for 15 hours every day, and the account is blocked

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Reach out in an appeal.

Best case, they will overturn due to a false ban.

Mid case, they will tell you why your account was banned.

Worst case, they will tell you nothing, and that your account stays closed.

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:headstone: R.I.P.

Do you have a reason to share? Also, perhaps post in Customer Support.

Is this due to suspected botting or something



WoW Classic is overflowing with millionaires and billionaires that prefer to spend 15 hours every day playing a 15 year old game.

What else would they be doing? Sailing in the Caribbean? Skiing in the Alps? Shopping on the Champs-Élysées? Sunning in Rio de Janiero? Gambling in Monte Carlo?

Those tired and worn bourgeoisie past times are nothing when compared to the glory of daily grinding in WotLK Classic.

Godspeed on your appeal, Master Dimon.


I’m a broke retired disabled vet. There have been plenty of days I’ve played for 15 hours due to insomnia, but I sure as hell would rather be sailing the Caribbean or skiing in the Alps. I’ve never been banned for playing excessively, though it might be better for me if they did lol.


Thank you for your service <3

you probably used bot in bg’s or bought / sold gold.
you got cough in this ban wave

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Getting banned is one thing.

To have your entire account blocked?? You have to really mess up

Or, at the least, you were mistaken for someone who did. If you’re really innocent file an appeal and plead your case. People lie but also Blizz is a :poop: company, so it’s really hard to say who’s at fault here.

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