About trust levels

That’s why they’re called “suspensions” and not “bans”. IK some (not all) like to conflate the two words, but what they really mean is “suspension”. The word “ban” gets more sob story points, so it gets used a lot more than “suspension”.


Ah got it, don’t think I’m gonna be TL3 anytime soon XD

Don’t you also need 10 likes in 6 months? Good luck with that.

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I’ve never created a single topic and have this power…

So that isn’t part of the equation.


IDK, I feel like I hardly get hearts. Most of my trust level comes from “reading” (via scrolling through topics).


I wish I can post gifs! That one’s so cute! :sob:

that isn’t correct - pretty sure there never was any requirement to give or receive that many likes.

and that last isn’t correct either about the suspensions

the second and third are wrong too.

I got TL3 5 times, the longest I had it was for 2 weeks.

Its more fun with


I like the way suggested here:

“Regular” doesn’t seem to mean much. Doing it the way that thread suggests though lets you see the actual number.

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Good old json, now I feel old.

I spend 10-15 minutes on the forums every day while on the toilet. :crazy_face: It isn’t too hard over time.

Is there a page somewhere that lists the requirements of the levels?

They changed it. A minor infraction keeps you out of TL3 for quite a while, but you can eventually earn it back now.

The previous forum software did not allow posting any images, videos, etc - so this is kind of a step up that we can at all. Some white listed sites can be posted at TL2 as well.

No. Creating topics has nothing to do with trust levels. It is mostly reading and tossing out a few likes.

Likes are required. It has come up on the CS forum and been verified a few times. Folks have also done some basic testing. That is how the Discourse software is programmed. Applies on all the Blizz forums.

What changes between the Blizz forums is how many posts read, likes given, etc to reach TL3. The forums with less traffic have lower requirements.


I just needed to wait a little bit longer!


Seems accurate to how I got it.

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It is correct, the official stickied blizzard post about trust levels and their requirements is: New Forum Guide - Syntax and Features

As another poster said some thing things have been lightened related to suspensions, but otherwise it is accurate.

Some have trust level 3 despite not meeting the requirements due to having the Shadowlands Beta on their account as Bluster had said, it gave Trust Level 3 to all characters on the account, and hasn’t been removed since.

Link is above


yeah I noticed that one there but I had a forum suspension and I was still given trust lvl 3 and that was right at the start.

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No kidding and being flagged is like a new type of trolling.

(Someone gets lvl 3 and boom trolls flag him and he loses it)

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