About trust levels

I think it is true in the fact that you will lose level 3 but it is easy to regain it. I know this is like the third time I have regained it after a forum vacation :slight_smile:

Having the SL beta license on your account gave TL3 and apparently still does, even now.

Well how else are we going to get our forum troll allied race


trust lvl 2 is easy to archive the lvl 3
most if not all should be 2 by now

i didn’t even know there was a trust system…

When you get to my God-like status of trust level 4, you gain inner peace. :pray:



It’s certainly a lot of time to waste for something so small.

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if you don’t have it now you’ll never it have. The people who do it and also the same people who remove trust levels are gone.

when you’re bored at work :man_shrugging:

I’ve had it twice but I cannot maintain it when my sub ends.

I just wanna post funny reaction images man.


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You can cheese the “reading” portion by picking topics, scrolling from the top to bottom, and it counts as “reading”.

I didn’t even know this was a thing. It seems rather silly.

It’s to help avoid new accounts from spamming forums with links. However, there are still ways around this.

Meh I sorta get it, but after a decade and a half, it feels a little bit like being told they’ll take my money but don’t trust me. I won’t lose any sleep over it, and I would probably lose it anyway as I have zero issues calling so-called MVP’s out for being less than socially acceptable while chest thumping at people with legitimate concerns with what amounts to ‘git gud’ posts.

I really don’t think it’s that difficult to gain trust levels. It’s not like we’re taken that seriously especially with the community council and everything.

I started reading through the CC forum discussions, and I can honestly say that I don’t think I would have voted for any of them to represent me. The more robust and sometimes trollish discussions out here seem to generate more genuinely interesting points.

I can understand why this might be necessary (i.e. to cut down on spam), but I’ve been on the forums since forever, have made a lot of genuinely insightful posts (some critical, others constructive), and am generally a polite person even though I have my days.

Sometimes I wish I could be able to post WoW photos or gifs or even wholesome cute gifs, but can’t because of all the weird and unrealistic “you must no-life the WoW forums” rules mentioned above, and actually being required to spam the forums in order to qualify for being considered a non-spammer and have non-spammer privileges on the forums.

It’s a bit silly really.


Now I didnt know that. I wondered early on how I got my T3 back because I’d been away from the game (and the forums) for a while prior to Shadowlands.

See I thought that once you got banned or something that’s it, you cannot return, I dunno about my stats and I dunno if I’m TL3 material, I am not able to post pics.