About to unsub due to no response from GM over Traders Tender not showing up for my characters

This is beyond ridiculous. I completed the intro quest to the Trading Post and haven’t been able to receive ANY amount of tender for it. I have posted on the bug report forums numerous times as well as countless others and yet nothing has been done to fix the issue. What is even more baffling is the fact that not a single GM has responded to any of these forums to offer a fix that actually fixes the issue.


Because there isn’t a fix as the QA/Devs are working on it. It’s a known issue, until the dev finds a fix, GMs can’t help in this regard.


Two things. 1) There aren’t GMs on the forums. If you see a Blue posting, it’s usually a Community Manager, Support Forum Agent or maybe one of the Devs. GMs are the ones behind the scenes responding to tickets. 2) Save for our SFAs who try to offer what information they can here? It is very rare that a Blue will pop in to answer or interact with people on the forums. This is a bug, it’s no different from the hundreds or even thousands of bugs that currently exist in the game. This bug is no more special or demanding than others, they will fix it as soon as they possibly can.

You’re absolutely allowed to do as you’d like, should this acknowledged bug be your breaking point. But threats and tantrums do not get issues resolved any faster. Zenjy linked the acknowledgment of the issue. I’ll even post the snippet for you so you don’t have to click the article, and I’ll do one better and tack on Vrak’s response re: tickets right now.


Just for clarity, this is not baffling at all. Game masters do not respond on the forums, only via tickets.

In addition to game masters, the employees that do post on the forums are also not developers, so they can only pass on what information they’ve been given permission to.


A resolution may not have been implemented for your particular issue, Valenor, but that is not the same thing as “nothing has been done to fix the issue”. It’s a process, not a switch.

You are correct, because there isn’t a fix that a Game Master can offer. These issues are considered bugs, each one which needs to be investigated by our QA and Game Developers to figure out what is happening and what is causing it. Once they do, they can then figure out a possible resolution. Test that resolution and finally, implement that resolution.

There are times when a Game Master may have a work around or other solution that they can use to help. Not all issues are the same though. Often there isn’t workaround available and we must wait for a hotfix or other bug fix to be implemented. So far, bugs related to the Trading Post seems to be one of those.

I am sorry for the frustration this has caused you, and many others. These issues are being worked on, and they continue to be worked on.


Things take time to be identified and fixed. There is one incoming.