[A] <Third Watch> (7/9H)

< Third Watch > is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that is looking to continue progressing throughout BfA.

Our Raid Composition
Our unique raiding structure provides for guild stability and longevity. Each week we complete a farm clear with everyone in the guild that can join on an optional Thursday night raid. Then we spend all of Sunday night night progressing Mythic. This assures that we always have a next-man-up type roster, but it also allows our mythic raiders to stay semi-active, maintaining a relevant ilvl, if something comes up in real life and they have to slow their raiding schedule.

Flasks, feasts, repairs and Vantus will be provided.

Our Raid Schedule
Currently we raid progression from 6-10PM server time Sunday night. We also have an optional farm raid from 7:30-10:00pm server time Thursday night.

Outside of Raid
We also push and carry M+. Many of our members are among the top M+ players on the server for their respective classes and specs.

Don’t run many M+? No problem. We still try work everyone in for a +10 completion each week. Especially with the introduction of the Azerite vendor, it is increasingly important to complete each week so our members can purchase their best Azerite pieces.

Who are we?
Many of our members are long-time friends that have been raiding together for many expansions. Some of our members are newer to our ranks, but they have quickly worked themselves into the core of our team. Outside of Azeroth, we’re made up of all types. Our members have a diverse backgrounds, including: parents, military members, attorneys, college students, engineers, scientists, IT professionals, and a host of other things that account for a lot of obligations outside of Azeroth. Despite these outside obligations, we are people that love this game–and we like to spend the time we can dedicate to it progressing to be among the top-end of players.

Who are you?
You’re an experienced, dedicated player. You may have outside obligations, but you’re still able to dedicate the time it takes to excel and progress at the highest level of end-game content. You enjoy pushing yourself and seeing how much you can achieve. And you like to have fun, because at the end of the day, we’re all here to have a good time and enjoy our downtime for work, school, home, or whatever else we’re doing outside of Azeroth.

Currently LF
1 healer (Rsham or Hpal)
1-2 exceptional DPS

Contact us: Please feel free to contact Clammy / Clams (DaneWilson#1545), Creátion, Vinaox (Vinix#1509), Ladencre, or any of our online members for more information.

One of us… One of us…

Currently LF
1 healer (Rsham or Hpal)
1-2 exceptional DPS

Come hang out with us!