A simple void elf request

they reject something thats already happened and were formed after it. literally a sanctioned militia only allowed to organize because of who their leader is married to

I’m confused do you mean the Sunreavers or the Silver Covenant?


And good riddance…

I just realized she’s now been a leader of three groups…

Theramore, Kirin Tor, and Kul’tiras.

The Silver Covenant. It says right there that they took their role in policing the Horde on themselves. They aren’t a function of Kirin Tor governance.

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Sorry I misread and thought you were saying that either the Sunreavers or the Silver Covenant were not an official part of the Kirin Tor government.

They’re part of Dalaran but neither group currently has a member on the Council of Six.

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Are you saying they are? Neither of them sits on the council and both of them effectively act as lobby groups within the city for their respective faction.

I’m still mad Aethas didn’t get his seat back and had to come grovelling to be allowed back into the city. He didn’t do anything wrong and if anything the passing of time should have vindicated him.

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are both listed as Militant Factions?
Is One group allowed to police the other while the Kirin tor turns a blind eye to it?

They may not support the Silver Covenant’s policing of the Horde, but they don’t try and stop it either. Not doing anything can sometimes be just as bias as doing something.

Okay so this is really petty but it’s biased. You have bias and you are biased.

Stopping it would be pro Horde.

Supporting it would be pro Alliance.

Not stopping it but not supporting it is…?

Lore wise? Likely. Game wise, no, Dal was always a sanctuary.

We’re talking Kirin Tor lore.


this isnt happening lol

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Sorry I think I dropped the P word first.

I meant as in they’re keeping an eye on the Horde for themselves and act as a paramilitary for some imagined threat. Not hello sir do you know how fast you were going please step out of the enchanted carriage where are you heading tonight do you have a wand in the vehicle can I get backup.

If you know something can be construed as breaking neutrality yet you don’t stop it, Would that not in a way be considered supporting it? I mean the Kirin tor didn’t hesitate to punish poor Aethes for simply remaining quite and letting Garrosh do what he had to do. I mean neither he or the Sunreavers (who were completely clueless.) actually did anything they just didn’t say anything. Yet they were accused of siding with the Garrosh.

Also let the Alliance have some Bias in their favor, it is always Horde Bias this, Horde Bias that, Blizzard hates the alliance.


That he has to prove himself when he didn’t do anything wrong…

Members of the SC murdered people without cause while they were meant to capture them but they get a free pass.

It’s why I had this guy leave in his story.

It’s sickening.

We’re talking lore so… Yeah.

Let’s be clear this was less the Kirin Tor and more it’s leader looking for any excuse.

There is no blizzard bias. They treat us all like dirt.

This is true.

Not really. If the Kirin Tor cracked down on the Silver Covenant the Alliance could justifiably call that a breach of neutrality. As it was the Silver Covenant were just building up military strength and being really sus on the Horde while the Sunreavers were just as militarily powerful and really jazzed on the Horde.


Let’s actually not forget, Jaina broke neutrality in favour of the Alliance first and her doing so is the whole reason the Horde had to go via Dalaran in the first place.


In the end it is more an agree to disagree. I say that fan made websites can help lead to the belief that the Silver Covenant is an Alliance Faction. I also think that Dalaran is slightly Alliance Bias. Neither of us is going to convince the other differently.


I guess not, but thanks for having a lovely sweaty nerd lore chat anyway.


thank you as well, it is nice that we can be nerdy without flinging insults.