A simple void elf request

This is why I say Alliance leaning. They are clearly friends to the Alliance and enemies to the Horde, but they’re still residents of Dalaran.

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lol. so lets put this into perspective

vereesa is appearing here for the player. the player who helped her with the purge of dalaran(including the really dirty jobs) and the very same player who helped the kirin tor on isle of thunder. she had a big role in the hunter campaign(but the champion who led the unseen path during legion could have been alliance or horde so it can be debated if this appearance would have ever happened at all), so it make sense she would appear here. it also doesnt break neutrality in any capacity

its like saying because she ran back to quel’thalas to help halduron and voljin shes horde. but we all know she isnt

SC and sunreavers are distinct parts of the kirin tor and neither participates in faction warfare nothing in either of these appearances compromises neutrality so… keep trying

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We could argue that the Silver Covenant as a faction or organization is not military allied with the Alliance (we actually don’t know, there is no official, canon source stating this), but they’re definitely allied with them in terms of resources. They helped during WoTLK, and actively kill Horde players on sight. Even the SC Portal keepers in Stormwind kill Horde players, while the Kirin Tor ones, just at their side, stay neutral.

I’d argue they’re not directly involved in the Alliance’s major military conflicts because their headquarters are based in Dalaran, a neutral nation. A number of individual elves that make up the SC, though, are military allied with the Alliance (outside the SC). I recall reading that the Alliance 7th Legion mages were actually the very same Silver Covenant mages.

Edit: Here it is:



This was basically my point.

They’re allies to the Alliance, but their home is neutral Dalaran.

Yes, there are a few individuals. But the Silver Covenant as a whole did not enter the war. At least not as far as we see.


I know people will jump at my throat accusing me of bias for this.

But the kirin’tor is technically more alliance-leaning as well. You can tell just by interacting with the guards as horde that they do not trust the you, but more important things like the Legion trying to destroy the world take priority.


Tell that to Khadgar.


I think it is things like this that have players saying that the Silver Covenant is more Alliance.
Under Elven Groups Silver Covenant is listed as Alliance.
Under Lich King reputations it is listed as Alliance, where it should be listed with the Neutral faction, yet it isn’t. This will most likely lead to some confusion as to whether they are true neutral or an alliance faction working out of a neutral city that must remain neutral while in Dalaran or representing the Kirin tor.

I agree with this I mean they did allow the Silver covenant to be created whose whole purpose was to police and reject the blood elves and the horde. That definitively screams we are a little Alliance bias.


Maybe a bit, but certainly nowhere near the level of the Silver Covenant.

Not counting that time in MoP and WoD where they were temporarily Alliance again.

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You do know that those sites are fanmade, right?

They were formed to oppose the Kirin Tor allowing the Horde to come to Dalaran and join the Kirin Tor.

Explain how that is Alliance bias when, y’know, the Horde is allowed in Dalaran and is allowed to join the Kirin Tor.

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Yeah, but how many people don’t seem to realize this at take it as canon anyway?

It was an Alliance rep because they were a group formed to oppose Horde interests in Dalaran. It wouldn’t make sense for them to be a neutral rep.

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I’m just pointing out where it can lead to confusion.

Because they were allowed to be formed, whether or not they were able to keep Horde from Joining Dalaran or the Kirin tor doesn’t matter. The fact that they were even allowed to be create screams Alliance Bias when the Horde aren’t allowed to create a Militant faction to watch and make sure the Alliance are behaving themselves. Not that it really Matter because it seems they were kicked to the curb in favor of Greymanes Enclave.

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Sure, I mean they even join the Alliance for an expac… But they’re not generally for one side or another.

The Kirin Tor has maintained Neutrality almost its entire run in wow.

The SC is Alliance leaning but they are still bound to their home, which is neutral.

Of course it does. Allowing free speech doesn’t mean you favour those viewpoints.

If I say that I think China’s rad and start a whole rad China club does that mean the Australian government is biased towards that viewpoint because the riot cops don’t rattle me round the bonce?

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It stops being just speech when you become an armed militant group that only works for one side of a neutral city. Also why the heck does Dalaran even have a Horde and Alliance sections in their city? Neutral city should act like a Neutral city.

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I believe the intent of having separate areas for them was to keep the factions themselves separated to reduce the chances of them fighting within the city.

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Okay and when the Sunreavers start working for the Alliance then we can start talking about showing favour to one side.

During the Cold War it was common practice to keep US and Soviet embassies in different places to avoid the chances of their guards shooting at each other.


The Silver Covenant is a militant faction of high elves led by Vereesa Windrunner. They reject the admission of blood elves into the Kirin Tor and have taken it upon themselves to serve as a military deterrent for any potential Horde uprising.

The Sunreavers are a faction of blood elves who represented the Horde in Dalaran

Had the Kirin tor allowed the Sunreavers to act as a Military deterrent as well then I would agree that there is no bias.

Also on subject Farstrider and Runic tattoo’s for Void and Blood Elves, also real scars separated from face types for all races.

Just for the sake of pointing it out, the Sunreavers have been allowed to return to Dalaran as of Legion, despite the purge and being ejected.

Both groups are in that city today.

(though I imagine both by assumption and seeing that some still want revenge on Jaina and helped Sylvanas that not all of them leapt at the opportunity to go back.)

Before anyone tries to say the Sunreavers aren’t a part of Dalaran anymore.

I like Farstrider for both.

Arcane also works for both.

I think the runes should be for blood while void gets void runes Ala Nzoth.

Also they should get differing colors between the sides.

They aren’t an official part of the Kirin Tor government, they’re effectively a lobby group and paramilitary.

Tbf wasn’t that after Jaina gave up her seat on the council?