A simple void elf request

When I use blue eyes and I’m not going for a Maldraxxi vibe, I use the deep blue ones.

Excuse the face tattoo mockup. This was the only closeup I could find.


That’s cool and lol, I had a bit of everything until more recently when I kind have rerolled everything to Warlocks, like I have so many now it’s not funny but I love them so that’s what counts. :yum: :yum: :yum:

I’m glad you have found something new that appeals to you though because last time we chatted like chatted you said you was quitting again so I’m happy you are still here whether full time or not instead of gone. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Yes I changed to the other option so who knows when the forum will update again, at least I’m not a W on this character anymore though.


Yeah I took a break I only came back to level my priest and haven’t played him at all I started this rogue instead.


Again, you can keep repeating it as many times as you’d like and that won’t make it true, but you’re clearly not interested on what’s true, you’re more interested on trying to fling accusations in an attempt to make yourself look better.

Also, the fact that you conveniently left out my little mention about facial hair alone, which is only te tip of the iceberg of the things I’ve repeatedly mentioned, it’s fairly telling.

A little secret about me: I do not care what you or others accuse me of, I know what I am. If you want to make me into a villain, that’s on you.

I knew I’ve seen it but I got names mixed… been sleeping very little lately :sleeping:

If it so insignificant, they don’t need it.


I honestly favor the slightly glowing blue eyes over the dark blue myself. I find the darkest shade too concentrated, almost cartoonishly blue, especially in zones with high contrast. If the sclera were whiter, like they are for the purple eyecolor it would look far better in my opinion.

I like the gently glowing ones because they give off a slightly mystical arcane feeling to them while still retaining the shape and definition of the iris.


Gaming population is gaming population. There is no ‘our’ in it.

it wouldn’t be if you where not being discrimination against your fellow gamers.

Actually there is an our in it because different regions that don’t even play with ours doesn’t get counted in ours, I know you like to grasp at straws but this is absurd.

Yeah, I discriminate because in my original post I had said that Horde are the only ones that matter because people had brought up devs favor Horde and I just said that Horde are the ones that matter.

I mean are you trying to get blocked by me because at this point you are being annoying for no reason.

I really don’t think Naughtymoon is discriminating against you I thought she was just saying basically Horde has a big population / BEs have a large player base and our concerns at some point should be listened to - and this was a response I thought to people claiming wild numbers in favor of HE support for the Alliance.


He legitimately personalized it against him and Alliance players, if you go back and read it, I was talking to some Dwarf other night it literally had nothing to do with Grand thus why I said I will block him if I have to because really I don’t need people annoying me for days just because they dislike what they say.

Not me directly, but stating alliance players does not matter is the issue, the fact she is double downing on it is not a very good look on her/his charecter.

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“Their” would work as a gender neutral form of this and be easier to type.


Also while we’re picking apart language can I say you can’t be discrimination, you be discriminatory.

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This guy is funny as heck.


For a much more positive and accepting environment <3

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It’s very positive here when people let it.

Folk like you though tend to actively try to make it hostile.

You made a spam thread despite this one having been active all day.


Don’t forget… The horde say Arthas is alliance. The alliance high elves are “neutral” but they claim artie represents the alliance.


Some people seem to see him as such.

Not all Horde though do.

I also would refrain from grouping people by Horde or Alliance… We’re just people… we agree sometimes and disagree at other times.

I only claimed that the SC was bound by a neutral party and thus not as Alliance as some might think they are. Nor are they very likely to join the Alliance officially.

They’d be losing their home in doing so.


I think where both wowhead and wowpedia have the Silver Covenant listed as an Alliance Faction lends to them believing that it is an Alliance Faction. I mean Greymanes enclave now resides in Dalaran and I wouldn’t call them neutral.


There is a difference between being in Dalaran and being part of Dalaran.

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And Silver Covenant NPCs are still there at the same time lol

Vareesa hands out PvP rewords with all the other Alliance leaders as well.