[A][Sargeras] Final Attêmpt is LF heals!

About us: Final Attêmpt is an AotC guild with a history of getting AoTC back to Antorus. We raid two nights a week, Tuesday and Thursday, from 8pm EST to 11pm EST with an optional alt/friends and family night on Saturdays from 8-11pm EST.

Current Progression: We are currently 9/9N and 9/9H with AoTC. We will be starting on CoS tonight (5/2/19)

Needs: We are currently recruiting all exceptional dps specs and a healer. Specific classes needed for dps are DK, warrior, WW Monk, Rogue, Balance Druid. And for healers, we need a resto druid, MW monk, or a resto shaman.

Raid Expectations: 1. Be on time. We raid from 7-10 server do your best to be online 15 mins prior to raid so we can get invites out and be pulling at 7 Server.
2. Be Prepared. Personal food and Flasks and DPS potions. We will be providing feasts and cauldrons (2 a night). We wont drop a feasts if only 2 or 3 people need food buffs so be sure to have your own.
3. PREPOTS. Bring enough potions for Prepotting. So we can maximize DPS on boss. This not only helps your numbers out but it helps the raid too. More DPS, faster bosses die, faster healers can burn through mana to keep us all alive.
4. Logs. We will be running logs each raid night. And we will be analyzing them the following day. Everyone should be doing their best to push themselves for at least blue parses for ilvl.
5. Attendance. If you are unable to make it to our raid please post in the chat channel in discord for raid attendance. No hard feelings. We are all adults and have real lives but we want to make sure we have things in order before raid hits. Also if you sign up for the raid and do not show up with out a notice that will count against your trial period.
6. Trial Period. Trials last 2-3 weeks. If you do what we ask above and avoid unnecessary damage and follow mechanics your trial period will last 2 weeks. If there is a bad week we will reach out to you and help in any way we can, to give you another chance to improve. If you are not a good fit for the raid team you will be demoted to casual and be able to attend the Saturday night alts runs until you can prove to us that we can put you back on the raid team.

If Interested Contact:
Battletag: Jagermeifter#1410 Discord: Jagermeifter#0282
Battletag: Luny#1769 Discord: Lunywalnut(ronnie)#7353

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Still looking for more DPS!

Still looking for more!

Need more DPS!

Hit me up if your interested. Ill be online most of the day. Taaser#1461

Need some melee DPS!

Still looking for more!

All dps welcome, ranged and melee alike!

Need more DPS@!

Need a dk dps

DK dps and another solid rogue would be awesome. WW monk to if anyone is wanting to play one!!!

Come on deeps where you be?

Still looking for more dps and a tank!

I’m looking for a guild currently, haven’t played much this tier. Looking for a friendly place to get back into raiding with

Still looking for more!

Need a healer. Sham, Druid, or Monk

Still need a healer!