[A-RP] Recruitment: Shadowlands

As the Alliance High Command moves into the clean up phase, the Department of Affairs and Staffing are concerned. It takes no more than two meetings for all to agree. The directive is drafted, agreed upon, and sent out to all those on the lists:

                      Call to form Ranks 

Alliance High Command calls upon the vast Chosen mercenary population that has worked tirelessly in the name of the Alliance against N’Zoth and his followers to assist in bolstering the ranks of those guilds who have suffered losses throughout the campaign.

While the Alliance High Command salutes your independence, it is also true that the ranks of the Chosen are built upon the foundations of the myriad of Guilds that work tirelessly for the Alliance. These Guilds need your support, and so we call upon you to report to the Guild Master’s Hall of your choosing and ask for the “Book of the Depleted” and select a Guild from those pages and report forthwith to those Guild Leaders.

Signed Galid Vinstrol, General, Department of Affairs and Staffing, Stormwind.

Deep Forest Caravan is seeking those who wish to join a full immersion RP Raiding guild. Our emphasis in Shadowlands, in response to the continued scripting of single player RPG, will be to focus upon our guild arc, incorporating what we can.

Our goal remains to clear Heroic content, and as such, all specs are welcome.

The ideal candidate would be a player who has been interested in RP, but finds a raiding schedule too time consuming to add a separate RP schedule. In The Caravan, the two are streamlined and add depth to the day to day gaming activities.

If you are an RPer who is interested in raiding, the DFCsys extends the gaming system into our RP. A unique way of experiencing World of Warcraft.

All are welcome, new to raiding, RP, or both! We have seasoned players who enjoy sharing their knowledge.

Raid times are Tues Wed, 7:30pm Server to 10:30pm Server 

M+/Torghast/RP throughout the week, Thursdays in particular 

Quirk of DFC:

We are busy – we like to schedule things. So use our Discord to pull people into things. Also, have notifications on – most things are announced in Discord and move to in-game.


Briarpetal, Sajala, Betilla, or Allison - In game mail preferred. If seeking, after 7pm, server ups your chances.


Enthusiastic bump!

We are a good crew, come join our RP arc right at the beginning of a new expac!

Our guild has been going for eight ish years and is not stopping any time soon.

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We are getting ready to roll out the lead in rp, now is the perfect time to join up and party with some fun people. We could always use more people in the party and we will be rolling into heroic raiding when it opens as always.

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Never stop moving forward, do not give in even when the Light tears at my flesh, even when the odds seem unsurmountable. I will stand like a wall and come down like a hammer. Stand by our side and seek out the challenges of this new frontier. Grab out to my hand; I will pull you from despair. Lean on my shoulder when you are weak and bury me with my blade if I die before you.

I have been with this crew for some time, and through the good and bad, in game and out of game it has been a blast. We are a community looking to grow and we could always use more hands on deck for what is to come! I look forward to meeting many of you as we embark into the Shadowlands.


There’s a lot of strong and brave people here, and I’ve heard many tales of their deeds. They consider each other family despite race or creed, and will stand back to back with each other through thick and thin. They make me want to prove my salt by their side!

I’ve been in this guild for a few years now and I haven’t found anyone better than them. Always willing to have fun, always willing to help others learn! I’d love to share our experiences with others new and vet!


The Caravan is always seeking brave souls, and we have a knack for finding a place for those who may feel they don’t fit elsewhere.

I’m going on eight years, with the Caravan… perhaps it’s more than that. We are a close group and there is always someone to do something with. The RP for Shadowlands is going to be amazing, I know it already so now is the perfect time to get into the action!

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Something for everyone with this gaggle. Research to right hooks and all in between.

takes a long drag off his smoke, exhaling out the right side of his mouth.

If you need a home you could do quite a bit worse.

smooths out her tabard in an effort to look presentable

Hello! The Caravan is still looking for more stalwart companions, and we’d love to chat further if you’re interested!

Don’t you iron your clothes?

The zombies are coming and we need to stand together to survive this fight. come join us and stand strong.

They’re good people. Not something to take for granted in Azeroth as of late.

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Hello there, Allison again.

We find ourselves looking for those interested in protecting and healing, though all are welcome with open arms!

Please, if you’re interested don’t hesitate to reach out. Nothing is gained from not attempting, after all.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Well, we have a bit of breathing room before launch, don’t we?

Perfect time to get to know everyone and settle your character in with the Caravan!

Remember, if you’re seeking us on line, look for Allison, Briarpetal, Betilla, or Sajala after 7:30pm, server. In game post should be directed to Allison or Briarpetal.

It’s the Shadowlands - safer not to go alone! ~.^

I might have a character that would be a great fit, how do you proceed, through interviews, rp sessions ?

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Hello, Khaydan!

Thanks for your interest! Yes, an interview into rp sessions is the way to go.

Feel free to contact me in-game-- my Bnet is also Daemro#1891

We’ve had some wonderful applicants and are still looking for more!

If you’ve found yourself looking for a full immersion RP guild that also raids and is willing to help you grow – both on your own and as a group!-- don’t hesitate to reach out.

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If WoW is your main gig, and you’re a bit at a loss as to what to do as you wait for launch, turn over a fresh leaf and join the Caravan!

We’ve got an evolving guild arc in progress right now; an excellent opportunity for new members to get in on ground floor. This arc will take us through Shadowlands.

All class/specs welcome. Currently we are focusing on building up our healer/tank base, for those who are searching for a more limited raid spot. All dps is welcome.

In-game mail to Briarpetal. If you want to look us up, anytime past 8pm, server for Briarpetal, Allison, Katrinym, Sajala - are the characters you’d want to search for.

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Just as Moss mentioned, with Shadowlands and a new guild arc on the horizons you couldn’t join at a better time.

Go ahead, reach out!

Ever seeking new companions to hone our skills in all the nooks and crannies that will be presenting themselves in Shadowlands.

From the soaring heights of Icecrown to the glowing fields of Bastion and beyond, be swept up in a tale of terror and triumph. Each member of the Caravan will have to face their fears as they attempt to right such a pervasive wrong that some may be lost forever. Many are not prepared, and this will be their first time unleashing their powers as Chosen in the field of battle!

Will you be one of them?

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Another friendly reminder to look us up if you’re interested.

The weekend is a great time to find some RP!