[A-RP] Picks 'n Pints Acquisitions Company

Posters and advertisements are bulletined about the various “Hero’s Call” Initiative Boards in the major and minor cities of the Alliance. On this piece of parchment, marked by a pair of picks crossed one over the other, it reads:

"Seeking adventure? To leave the boundaries of the city and of the comfortable, and tackle the challenges Azeroth presents head-on?

Seeking exploration? To go where no known man or woman has ever set foot in thousands of years, or perhaps never set foot before?

Seeking knowledge? To rediscover that which was lost to the sands of time?

Want to be bloody rich? Then Picks & Pints is for you! Stop by The Dig Site Tavern in Dun Modr, or write a letter, and ask to speak to any of the following individuals:

Halflan Thalgrim
Bhelmyr Greybuckle
Tristram Aventon
Ungila Ironheart
Nalitha Starsong

Come one come all! Adventure/Exploration/Knowledge/Wealth/etc Awaits!"


Picks and Pints is a RP new guild starting up on Wyrmrest Accord! The idea behind the guild is we want to offer something just a little bit different. A medium Roleplay guild, with a focus on building a close and ultimately chill community. As such, recruitment will be limited at first, but for any interested, get in contact with Halflan, Bhelmyr, Anventon or Ungila!

In character, Picks and Pints is a private company that could be described as the unholy love child of the League of International Explorers, Around the World in 80 Days, Indiana Jones and National Treasure. Exploration, adventuring, tomb raiding, archaeology, and more! (Later, during BfA, another focus will be on the acquisition and sale of Azerite) Less of a focus on combat and inherently “serious” Roleplay, and something a little bit more flexible, with event focuses being on exploration, solving puzzles, and working around traps and the like.

This guild has a set Horde guild to be rivals along with the guild, but this is no means meant to be a RP-PvP guild, and a dicemaster system is currently being built for these events.

And of course, Picks and Pints is a part of the Mead Hall, which is Wyrmrest Accord’s Dwarf Community. Being a Dwarf is not required to be part of Picks and Pints, but it is, in theme and function, very much so in line with dwarven characteristics.

We have a Discord! We have a permanent link to it in the guild info once you join.

We also have a Tumblr, if you want to follow us, or inquire from that particular direction. Sadly, I cannot link posts yet. I guess I gotta meme some more first.


Amazing guild, fantastic members, and awesome GM!

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The best part of the guild is making canine-themed puns at Juramir’s expense!


Good guild and good people! :beers::hearts::sparkles:

Lots of homey people in here, very cozy.

All these Dark Irons just give off a natural warmth. Sure helps with the heating bills.

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We have a tumblr now! I can’t link yet, but if you look up “Picksnpints” in tumblr you should be able to find our guild page.

I like these people. Even though they are Dwarves mostly.

So it has been decided that PnP will now become a Smash Bros RP Guild.

And I already have dibs on King K. Rool.

No one else can have him.

Seems like a fun group! I made a new Pandaren recently A-side that I plan to do stuff with when I’m not H-side on my mage. Perhaps she’ll make her way over towards you guys, eventually… :stuck_out_tongue:

I call duck hunt :duck::dog:

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Just a quick bump! After a brief lull (thanks to my new job. Third Shift is not fun guys.) in events, we’re preparing a couple new stories for the weeks coming up! Keep an eye out!

Seriously! Let’s collaborate again when you have time! <3

Halflan is a nerd.