[A-RP] [Pandaren/Pandaria] The August Accord

A scrawling upon parchment that would be found in most Temples, and posted upon the noticeboards of major cities.

To those that call, or would call Pandaria home - to the faithful of the Celestials:

Tensions between the Alliance and the Horde have reached an apex - with the bellowing marches of the Legion silenced with the defeat of their master, the reverberations of hatred and war spread turmoil throughout Azeroth. It is only a matter of time before the factions find themselves battling over our homeland once again.

As such - Pandaria is once again under threat of destruction. Whilst the Vale of Eternal Blossoms has since recovered from the first excursion from both factions, we have suffered the loss of the Peak of Serenity, and constant attacks on the Celestial Temples. Pandaria’s very soul and culture are at risk, lacking the guardians and faithfuls of yesteryear as more Pandaren venture from their homelands.

It falls to us, those that the songs of Pandaria ring truest to their hearts, to take up the mantle and defend our home, or would-be home.

It falls to us, to teach those that wish to learn of Pandaria’s past, to teach the lessons of the monks, of the serpent riders, of the geomancers, the scholars, students, soldiers and the Celestials to anyone whom will listen.

To all whom seek a purpose, a home, a family, to venture towards the path of serenity and enlightenment:

Make the pilgrimage home, and visit a temple of the Celestials to join our Accord.

May hope live forever within your hearts.

  • Jiwen Zushou Leung, Emissary of the Red Crane.

OOC Information:

Hey everyone, the August Accord is celebrating almost two years of being one of the most popular (and still standing) Pandaren guilds on the server. We’re adamantly focused on creating events that focus around Pandaria - specifically its culture, and we attempt to evoke the same feeling that many of us shared on initial launch of MoP.

Our events manage to fit every archetype that may pass through our doors - whether you’re a person whom appreciates sprawling, month-long campaign/combat events, or someone who appreciates the finer intricacies of Pandaria such as cooking, socials or attending prayer sessions, everyone will find a home here.

We are not Pandaren only - however, your character should be Pandaria-inclined, or you will feel out of place. It is very rare that we venture forward outside of our standard MoP events. (Though, we still do include current happenings in most events.)

Our guild events happen at 7:30 PM ST on Sundays and Wednesdays, with a new event day in the planning as we figure out our numbers with the expansion’s rather lackluster population. We recommend you be at least 90 to be comfortable in most Pandaria zones, but we will find accomodations for you if need be.

Our campaign/one-shot events use a custom-built system reminiscent of D&D, which will require a character sheet to participate in - however, all of our officers are well experienced in the character creation sheet and will help you if need be.

HOW TO JOIN: discord.gg/xHJURxc - joining this discord will automatically assign you an applicant role, in which you can see our application process and post it in there. You’ll also be able to message myself or any of the officers for any questions or help from there too!

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, and we hope to see you in the Accord soon.


Where is my January Accord? Or my December Accord? February Accord?

I demand representation for the other months!

Pretty good guild. I may be biased, though.

This guild is full of kind and cool Pandaren, really you’re the only reason why I’m still playing this game <3

This is a good guild in my Mogu opinion.

Guilds gotta lot of Pandaren doing Pandaren things. Seems like it’s a pretty bumpin place.


I like the guild. Really fun. Would recommend.

The real question is, how would you treat a confused Scarlet Crusader?

I am sad that the guild is Alliance; my Celestial Priestesses are both Horde. Seems like a neat guild, though.

Sounds like it’s time for a Horde Branch?

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I can guarantee a Scarlet Crusader would be promptly bapped by large panda paws.

We used to be neutral in the past and allowed Horde-aligned characters in, but due to the events of BfA we’ve transitioned to an Alliance only stance. Perhaps the guild’s neutrality will return soon! Which would be nice, Jiwen needs to pet some moos.

Even if they’re allied with the Celestials by default?

I can kinda understand, though… BFA made me lose a lot of Horde pride.

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Does your guild accept Grummles?

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It’d be a rather exotic race to accept. That’d be something you join the discord for and speak to one of the officers about!

So what is being asked is are we friends of the Grummles?

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So do your events take place outside of Pandaria safe zones? Or do you venture out and put a level cap on those ones to avoid having to constantly revive a low level person?

I mean, Pixelcat made a friend with a level 20 wandering Pandaria with no issue. So it’s doable if you know how to avoid mobs and stay on the roads.

http s://m.you tube.c om/watch?v=VlO3Tnoaw44

Remove spaces.

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Everyone is a friend of the Grummles!

Except the Hozen.

I don’t know, I think with my luck I would aggro the Sha of Anger while being in Kasarang wilds.

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You know I had to do it to em.