[A-RP] Ironwing Raiders - Do What Must Be Done

A man entered the command tent, wearing lieutenant’s insignia. He hardly paused between saluting and speaking. “Sir, our forces are deployed and ready to launch our assault.”
The captain standing behind a command table derisively tossed down a stack of correspondence paperwork to slide a few inches across the table. “We’re to wait.”
“Word just came from command by runner an hour ago- we’re to wait until Brigadier Alphonse arrives,” he elaborated. He paused, and then added with a hint of venom: “Tomorrow.”
The lieutenant was in shock, and shook his head. “But the Brigadier is just a noble. He has no real combat experience- and if we wait, the Horde positions will be reinforced. We’ll lose the element of surprise.”
Pinching the bridge of his nose, the captain let out a disdainful grunt. “I’m well-aware. And for what? So some petty noble can add another medal to his shirt?” he sighed.
“Is there nothing we can do?” he lieutenant finally asked, uncertain.
The captain was silent for a long moment, and then shook his head. “No- there’s nothing we can do… but I know one way to get around this without sacrificing good men. Get Tanner in here- I need him to deliver a message with all possible haste.”
The lieutenant nodded once, saluted, and went to quickly leave the tent.
“Oh, and Delen-” the captain began.
The lieutenant paused. “Sir?”
“Not a word about this to anyone else.”


The Ironwing Raiders are a heavy RP guild focused around the dirty, unorthodox, and often off-the-record jobs that happen behind the scenes in support of the Grand Alliance. On the outside, the Ironwings are a typical mercenary company like you’d find anywhere in Azeroth, made up of everything from opportunists to freelancers to criminals, fighting for either the Alliance or the Horde.

On the inside, however, the Ironwings have a special function. When an Alliance commander has a problem, if no one else can help, and if they can locate them, they can take advantage of the pro bono services of the Ironwings.

The inner circle of the Ironwings is made up of various former military staff from the Grand Alliance- disgruntled and possibly even dishonorably discharged individuals who got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time in an imperfect system. More than anyone else, these loyal soldiers know the trouble caused by politics and military intermingling. At the end of the day, their simple goal is to pick up the slack when the slack gets dropped so that other soldiers don’t pay the price they had to. As such, the knowledge of their existence in this capacity is a loosely guarded secret amongst ground-level command staff for the Alliance everywhere.


As a heavy RP guild, the Ironwings host guild events and have nearly daily (if not daily) opportunities for in-game roleplay and storyline development. While a fairly good chunk of our roleplay happens in and around Stormwind (both taverns and otherwise), we are officially headquartered in an office in Boralus, Kul Tiras, where guild meetings take place. As well, we can often be found out and about in the game world, chasing down mini-storylines and more casual roleplays. All of our roleplay is considered public, and we hardly mind others spontaneously jumping into the fray!

Like many other guilds, we have a dice system that is used for some events where it is considered mandatory, but the dice system itself isn’t mandatory and isn’t used for all events. Dungeon masters have authority to dictate whether they want to use the dice system or simply use the honor system. Regular members also have the leeway to run their own events without someone breathing down their neck. We aim to support creativity- not impede it!

Although roleplay is generally seen as the primary attraction, the Ironwings also tackle various amounts of game content together as well, including dungeons, mythics, PvP, and more. As we continue to grow, opportunities for these things will likely increase.


Joining the Ironwings is a fairly low-stress, straightforward affair. We don’t have a website with a guild application, and there’s no mountain of paperwork to file or a drawn-out OOC interview. In general, we try to be up-front about what we are, what we do, and where our priorities lie, so you have a very good idea about what you’re headed into from the onset.

Our rules are pretty much standard-fare for just about all guilds: be good to one another. Drama happens, but we attack it like adults, which means we communicate and compromise. We have a 30-day activity timeout for guild members, assuming they don’t give any notice about their absence. We will waive the 30-day timeout if given notice. There aren’t any mandatory events either, so you can participate in what you enjoy.

We will typically attempt to make contact with you IC and draw your character into the Ironwings through the roleplay itself, so that your character has a solid basis for what’s going on and what they’re doing within the Ironwings. This way, you can dive right into the core of the roleplay we do daily without any lengthy warm-up period. You may opt to join the guild OOC beforehand and get your introduction later at your own convenience, too- there are plenty of opportunities to do so nearly every day.

For recruitment inquiries or questions, contact Apollyen (in-game, or Discord: Tyrfang#3621).


Now I want to roll a hunter spoof of Hannibal from the A-Team and fight for you in a van full of exploding steel drums!

Neat concept, I always love these ideas. I hope it works out well- if you ever want some cross faction collaboration give us a shout!

Always good to see more of these types of guilds around, and catering to different types of players too.

Good luck. Post here when you get a chance: WrA Information & Directories though you may or may not wish to roll your luck without doing so :wink:

We’ve always got some extra space in the van!

Once we’ve grown a bit more and have settled in fully, I’m sure this is a very real possibility to get started on with outreach and collab. After all, supporting the general community helps everyone, including ourselves!

Hah. I’m on to you- I see what you did there. Thanks for the suggestion too- went ahead and posted there as well.

Main post has been updated on the statistics side. We’ve pulled a few more new folks since then and had another guild event the other night where some people got hazed- probably get around to another update here next Monday.

This is a beautiful guild full of handsome people. I’d know, I made it myself!

Seems very interesting, like the concept but I have 2 questions :slight_smile:

  1. Any raiding at all ? It’s one of the great aspect of the game for me and I would like to not have to pug it…hahaha

  2. I am currently preparing a Paladin as my main RP character for SL, probably a tough sell for this guild right ? I mean I can come with a few ideas as to why he would be angry at the kingdom, but if you are composed of dishonorably discharge crooks and murderers, could be rough. What do you think about it ?

Thanks in advance, either way, great concept.

At present, we don’t have any raiding really going on outside of a few people who PUG. There is some interest in growing that, but right now there’s not enough to field most of a raid. Most folks are focused either on RP, leveling, or PvP (in about that order).

As for your paladin, a ‘dishonorable discharge’ doesn’t necessarily mean a character has done moral wrong- just that the military doesn’t want them anymore for some reason. That reason may be genuine, or it may be an issue of convenience such as shifting the blame to cover for someone else. An overburdened military bureaucracy and politics are at the forefront of the guild’s concept, so it’s more the latter reason for most. We do have a couple characters that fall more into the criminal ring, but most are good people who have just seen the bad side of war.

One good recent example is an Ironwing team captured a Goblin informant to shake him down for information, but promised to release him if he cooperated. He did cooperate, and the Ironwings kept their word and released him, warning him that he should probably go elsewhere.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

It does, I think I can probably work something for my paladin as his adoptive mother devoted herself entirely to the alliance and the kingdom as wronged her, so it could be a starting point.

Also from what I understand in WoW paladins do not derive their power from doing what is objectively good, but rather what they perceive as being good.

The Scarlet Crusade is an example of that.

Will be in touch in game if that is ok, do you accept only max level characters ?


Yeah, you’re pretty much right on the money there with how Paladins function in this setting!

You’re more than welcome to touch-base in-game. You can find drop a line to Apollyen or myself and we can answer any other questions there on the spot. Max level characters aren’t required either!

Sent an in game IC mail to Apollyen :slight_smile:

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I spent a couple days away from the game but I logged in today and received your mail! You can add me in Discord or hope we can both catch each other online in-game to discuss things a little better or RP. Hope to see you soon!

Shamelessly bumping after a while, we’re alive and well, and still looking for new members!

I like the cut of this guild’s jib!
Perchance there be a place in the guild for a former pirate, now privateer?

I come with an IC ship if that’s any incentive?

Also what times is the guild usually active?

Due to timezones, we had to move to MoonGuard. If you have a character there I’d love to talk about inviting you. I’m currently preparing a guild post for MoonGuard too!

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