<A-RP> Bound by Honor - RP and PvE!

The Bound by Honor guild is primarily an RP guild that dabbles in PvE content. We hold weekly guild events rotating between a civilian and militant focus as well as weekly content runs which switch between mogs and improving ilvl.

IC premise:

Bound by Honor operates as a neutral entity, apart from the Horde and Alliance nations. We welcome individuals from both sides of the demarcation line and withhold judgment of prejudiced magics and controversial pasts in favor of what can be built in the future. As such, Bound by Honor acts as a safe haven - a resting ground - for those outcast and ostracized from most societies.

Like every blooming nation, this order is composed of both civilian and militant interests. We welcome tradesmen and warriors alike to create a bustling community capable of self-sustainment.


Co-GM’s: Aeydark Bal’annor and Mazekenne Bal’annor

Founded by the aspirations of Aeydark Bal’annor and Mazekenne Dawnstrider; Bound by Honor is meant to be a welcoming community where likeminded individuals can gather and prosper. Supported by their Council, the two strive to bring their island stronghold of Quel’ama (proxy’d as Ashran) into the light as a shining example of what true equality and acceptance can produce.

OOC themes:

We offer a slice of life RP mixed with militant themes for those of the mindset to become involved with the fight and protection of Quel’ama Isle.


Our events range from fully DM’d d20 combat events to low key RP including town hall meetings, festivals, and simple conversation!


  • DiceMaster addon is integral to our d20 events and therefore required for this guild.
  • TRP3 and TRP3 extended are required as a key point to RP across the server.
  • 18+
  • Weekend guild events take place from 7ST - 10ST
  • Discord

How to join:

Contact Aeydark Bal’annor, Mazekenne Dawnstrider, or any member of the guild in game via whisper; or feel free to just walk up if they are IC! Any time our banner is out we are actively recruiting! We have a short, two-part interview system that covers OOC as well as an IC portion; simple, and to the point! You can also find us in guild finder, and an officer will reach out to you!

Alternatively, you can also respond here with your preferred method of contact, and one of the officers will reach out to you.

Currently, Bound by Honor is Alliance side only; however, as we grow, we hope to expand to Horde side as well. We regularly take place in cross-faction RP to facilitate the expansion and further integration of our guild into the server.


Posting cause she said she whip me if I didn’t.


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Looking forward to attending the WRA storycircle tonight!! Always good to get in some cross-faction RP! If you see us there, come say hello =D

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We are almost complete with the Exploration of Quel’ama, Bound By Honor’s Homeland of Neutrality. With two more events on the way for this month before the holidays begin, we are finally wrapping up the campaign. During the holidays, we will be discussing potential future campaigns and involvement with the Community at large!

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I’ve known the GM/Co-GM for a while now, and everyone I’ve met there is super friendly, easy to talk to/interact with. And have all been great with walkups and rolling with rp. Always pleasant to find one of them and chat for a bit.


Looking forward to attending the Dance of the Earthmother event tonight! If you see our members out and about be sure to say hello and maybe celebrate with us a bit! ^u^

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Cool looking guild folks! Wish you all the best in DF. :smiley: thread bump bump


Mazekenne is cool peeps! So if she’s the Gm… then you know the guild is sweet!


We’ll be having a party-type guild event tonight! If you’d like to see what BbH is all about, then stop by the Stormwind mage tower and catch the portal to Quel’ama! (proxy’d as Ashran)

Festivities are set to start at 7PM ST!

Also, a big thank you to those who bumped this thread! Ya’ll the real MVP’s! <3

The Council is meeting tonight to determine future military, diplomatic, and economic policies and practices, as well as to affirm Quel’ama’s neutrality between the Horde and Alliance. Hopefully, the meeting will prove fruitful.

This guild looks cool!

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Thank you so much! You should join in with us in game! We’d love to interact with you! ^u^

Our first Town Hall Meeting will be taking place tomorrow! An opportunity for all IC voices to be heard in regards to the governance of Quel’ama Isle - we’re looking forward to seeing how our members think things are going from an IC stance!

Do any of you guys play late at night? I’m a night owl on the east coast so it seems like no matter where I look i’m play ing alone or with ultra laggy frostmourne in pugs.

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I love this concept a lot!! maybe one day my goblin can interact with you guys!!

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It mostly depends on the day of the week, and what we have going on the next day. If we have to work we’ll try to be in bed at a reasonable hour, but no work the next day? You might catch us up till 2 AM or later!

We would love that! We try to be involved in as much cross-faction RP as we can, so if you’re ever out and about on your goblin and happen to see us you should definitely say hello! ^u^

Tonight we’ll be posted up at the SW job faire for anyone going! I encourage you to stop and chat for a bit!

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So far super positive and friendly place! And I look forward to the RP ideas in Dragonflight! (Hunimei) - My character isn’t updated to my bnet yet.

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Last night a group of us ran some timewalking dungeons to get the 5 for the quest. We first went to the Stonecore. And then the second one was… the Stonecore. Well dungeon three would be…the Stonecore. Gegrum shakes his head. So we did another run…of the Stonecore. And last but not lest…Stonecore yet again. No matter what we tried…we kept getting the Stonecore. And while yes it was annoying… with this guild it was fun! We had a blast in discord even though the dungeon was very boring.

Great peeps! Loads of fun…even if Maze changes your name. If you want a laid back, fun group of people to hang out with while gaming. Check us out!

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I was told I couldn’t get bacon until I posted. This is treason!


A friendly bump for an awesome community!


We all had a great time at the Emberspirit Masquerade Ball on Wednesday! Good times with good peeps, can’t go wrong!!