[A] <Purplexity> Proudmoore AOTC Focused 9-11PM PST W/Th Raid

Looking for late night players to join me on proudmoore (alliance) to focus on doing Heroic Content and getting to AOTC. 9/10H

Am doing a complete rebuild at the moment, so will be doing Normal runs for the first while.

So let’s answer some questions:

Q1) Why so late?
A1) Because I have a real life and like to play after the kids go to bed.

Q2) Why wednesday / thursday?
A2) Because tuesday is a good night to get caught up on all of the patch things. And friday and saturday are good times to do things with real people.

Q3) You only have a few raiders in your guild so far?
A3) Yes! However I see lots of people looking for a late night team! This is your chance to get in and help get to some fast 10/10N clears and up to 7/10H clears. I can do up to 9/10H and have been into P3 of denathrius, it will take some time for the team to get there together.

Q4) I am very cool and love drinking lots of white claw. Can I drink and get totally clowned and raid with you?
A4) No.

Q5) What if the guild gets to AOTC and I am not very good?
A5) We will rotate you in if you don’t cut the numbers for progression!

Q6) How do I get in on the wild and crazy fun?
A6) Well its not wild and crazy, it is casual and steady. You can reach me at grimthane#3215 on discord, or VeryGrim#1543 on Battle.net. Lets run some content together and have the good times!

Q7) Will there be requirements to be successful?
A7) Yes. When we get deep enough into the back three bosses of Heroic, you should be doing a weekly 8 key, or more ideally. I will run with you if you need it. Tank or heals, 8s are not scary.

Q8) What else can you tell us?
A8) Nothing. Thank you for your time, hopefully this is interesting.

Be safe out there!