[A] <Nice and Clean> Sargeras LF Heroic/Mythic Raiders and Key Pushers

NICE AND CLEAN (formerly Ceremorphosis) [A] – Sargeras is a semi-hardcore raiding guild seeking new members for Shadowlands. We have traditionally raided heroic and dabbled in mythic, but we want to create a solid team to push mythic in the next expansion.


We’re a tight-knit group with years of experience playing together in Warcraft and other games (Minecraft, Warframe, Starbound, Ark). Our discord is very active, and our members are talkative. Our raiding style can best be described as “chaotic neutral” – we’re mostly nice, and we don’t fail very often, but we’re not trying to be revolutionary either. We mostly want to kill bosses, get loot, and have a good time.

Apart from raids, our members run mythic+ keys daily, and we’d like to find enough people to fill out at least two more key teams.

Our raid days/times: 9pm - 11pm EST on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday. We don’t usually run over our time unless we’re very close to killing a progression boss.

Our current progression: 12/12 H Ny’alotha (AOTC), 2/12 M Ny’alotha. We’re working on Maut, but pugging is hard.

Our activity: We’re a bunch of night owls. We’re generally active from 4 pm EST until well after 3 am EST. If you work the nightshift, you’ll never play alone again!


  • Mage
  • Elemental Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Shadow Priest
  • Balance Druid
  • Hunter


You can contact Raaelyn for more information, or to start a trial.

Discord: Raaelyn#4760

You can join our community here: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/invite/M49kyYGhAOE?region=US&faction=Alliance

Trials are not competitive – we aren’t going to pit you against 5 other people to see who’s the best. But we are looking for the right kind of people, and we need to make sure you’re a good fit.

Reach out to Raaelyn if you’re interested!

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Thanks for reaching out on my post. Your guild sounds like it might be a good fit for me. I added you so we can talk more, posdrums#1297

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We have bagels, cream cheese for ranged dps!

Eyes out for ranged dps especially

Punch and pie

Hello! Returning player looking to get back in the mix. This guild raid schedule works for me. Still need balance druid?

Yeah of course. Send me a discord or bnet request, or message me in game. We can get you an invite.


Bumpy bumpity bump bump


They are NOT nice or clean. They are mean. A friend and myself joined and barely lasted a month. I got in discord once and everyone was yelling. GL (Luckystars) yells and complains all the time and is not nice to people. Don’t waste your time joining or even worse the money to move a character to join them.