[A] LF Guild for Shadowlands

Hello! I’m currently looking for a guild that is inclusive and social. As I’m in California I would ideally want raids that start no earlier than 5:30 PST and no later than 8:00 PST.

I am social, active in in-game chat and Discord. I also enjoy tuning in to Twitch/YouTube streams run by friends and guild members. You can expect me to be friendly and understanding. I am also very competent, with decades of experience developing mechanical skill across various types of games. I have raided as tank, healer, rdps and melee. While I’m looking for a casual raiding experience in Shadowlands you can expect me to perform my role consistently.

At launch I will be leveling a Druid, Shaman, DH and Rogue for some personal crafting goals. I’m open to playing any of these for any role in raiding.

I am interested in hearing about any guild that has already determined their raid schedule. 2-3 Days per week, up to 3 hours per night.

Hey there, not sure if our times work for you, but I’ll post a little snippet of our guild, and if we’re not the choice for you, I hope you find a guild that suits you well :smiley:
<Øminous Latin Name> is a casual progression raid focused guild, that transferred from Horde to Ally on Sargeras, along with M+ and some PvP! Fun environment, and of course drama free. We’re a Discord active community and actively looking to build our core raiding team, as we are pushing into Mythic, and preparing for Shadowlands.
Schedule [all times are EST]
Raid: Friday/Saturday 7pm-10pm [12/12 H]
Mythic Plus: Everyday
Interested in joining us? Contact Lebron on Bnet: [RoscoeStache#1797] or Caleb [thesleeper#11618] to learn more.
Thank you!

Hi Naanviolence!

My guild, Nice and Clean is recruiting DPS and we fit into your preferred raid times.

You can check out the recruitment post here: [A] <Nice and Clean> Sargeras LF Heroic/Mythic Raiders and Key Pushers

We’re very active in Discord, and we run lots of keys, raids, and even transmog stuff weekly.

Our raid schedule is Mon-Tues-Thurs from 9 pm to 11 pm EST (6 pm to 8 pm PST). We usually start out in normal to test the waters then head into heroic. We’re planning to pushing mythic in Shadowlands.

If you’re interested, you can contact me in-game or on discord.

Bnet: Raaelyn#1871
Discord: Raaelyn#4760

Thanks for reaching out Raaelyn. I sent you a request on Disc and Bnet

Raid times:
Wednesday & Thursday 830PM to 1130PM
Optional heroic runs for Tuesday or Friday possible.

Current progress: 7/12M -Ny’alotha

What we want:

We are mostly a M+ and raiding guild,
Our Goal is CE for each Patch.
We occasionally PVP (Arena)

Currently recruiting for Shadowlands Raiding:

DPS - Mage, warlock, DH, enhance shaman. (All welcomed to apply but we are looking to fill
these specific niches)

Healers and Tanks

Msg me Discord Frost#3808