A lot of people will quit until phase 2, because they don't want to level alts without RDF or Joyous Journeys

Yeah, and you keep replying to a thread that you feel like makes no sense, because NO WAY Blizzard will add RDF. So, why bother? Seems like you are the one feeling the need to throw tantrums here.

Look at yourself…

I know that when you learn some new words you feel the urge to keep repeating them over and over again. That’s okay. But learn what it means first. You clearly don’t know what a false equivalence fallacy is.

Yeah, says you.


I don’t fear Blizzard changing their plans. The wall of no you keep putting up comes off as if you do fear Blizzard will change their plans.

Blizzard flip flops more than a politician up for reelection.

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This might have been true in 2008. I don’t think it’s true now. Especially not with casual players. People aren’t addicted like you think they are, and they will leave if they’re not having fun. The only question is will it be enough to matter. I know you don’t think it will be, but I guess time will tell.

Its been two weeks… How entitled are you? when this xpac came out it was the only option we had to play wow… You farm, you gather, you run old content for mounts. you dungeon, you play the damn game. If you are bored already there is nothing anyone is ever going to make that will hold your attention. Some times you just play a game… to play the game.

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Lol anecdotal evidence again? Seems like every phase is the same month or two of crazy busy month or two slow. Also going to say the people who only want to experience the kill of kt not the gearing portion is aloooooot smaller than you think it is. Once most groups are geared yeah it does out awhile. Nothing out of the norm there

They will have no plans until Management tells them to fix the pop loss on their servers. If that happens, they will suddenly have plans. If that happens.

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I would 100% level an alt if we had RDF because RDF + Heirlooms make leveling fast and i hate questing.


And why would they add RDF now? The way they see it if your not making alts your going to play dragonflight between raid lockouts. KEKW

continue with our lives without writing pointless posts in wow forum because this is just a game

More people trying to change the thing to suit them instead of just not doing that thing. It’s a video game. If you don’t want to level an alt, don’t. Stop watering literally everything down so you can do that thing in a hurry then quit that, too. Stop being FOMO weirdos.

The one and only person to do that lol

Whats even the point of playing Classic Wow if you aren’t doing PvP?

Why are PvP servers the only ones to survive any length of Classic WoW if a lot of people don’t do PvP?

On that they’d be 100% wrong.

$$$$ if they see less subscriptions because of it, they will fix it. hopefully they will shake up management at the same time.

That’s how forums work. I can post where I choose. You certainly don’t dictate when or why I post on the forums.

Correct. They’ve told you they won’t multiple times. All you have to do is pay attention.

Plan Accordingly

Sure I do. I applied it to you. Your lack of understanding is not my problem.

It’s true. I say no. But, it’s more important that Blizzard said no. They don’t care what your opinion is.

People drag up convenient memories of times Blizzard made changes and ignore the many many many more where blizzard did not make changes and stuck with something.

No RDF in this version of wrath. It’s much better for it.

I think wrath is good enough it has some sticking power. I do anticipate a significant shrink when Dragonflight releases. I believe it will peel a healthy chunk of the “automate everything” crowd who can’t handle the frictions and grind in the original wow. Blizzard has catered to this crowd a long time so it’s a good chunk of folks.

…ultimately, I think this transition will be healthy for the wrath experience. I also believe Wrath will sustain a healthier base of players than the previous classic expansions. It’s a better balance of friction, class balances, pvp, etc.

You invented this. I never made such a claim.

The only “pro rdf” people I will agree with are the ones who think Blizzard might make a change based on $$$. Thus far, there is no evidence all this whining has resulted in a decline of any significant measure. In fact, the census and population tools only show growth.


Exactly. All the people that hate this game won’t be here by december. Wrath will likely thrive after that.

I remember farming in WG during original WOTLK. People were complaining about gold sellers. I said that one day Blizzard would sell gold themselves. People thought I was nuts. Guess what? They now sell gold. Don’t count out any possibilities when talking about Blizzard.

You are correct, it is worse when they give you something then take it away.
I find myself level 75 and wanting to level a alt to break up the grind. But I will not without access to BoA gear or the buff. Old game is old.

Alts should be rested, if it’s as you say it is just raid log on mains then jump on alts with heirloom and grind. Probably faster to grind with rested and heirlooms than it is to quest until you have flying. RDF will make it into the game but unless you tank or heal you might as well start leveling now.

I am sure there some impressive list of all these changes with no flip flop. Pagea and pagea of players asking for those changes still.

Yup, I am sure we will see those threads soon.

Oh wait, you are full of it, that’s right. Nothing Blizzard has stood their ground on required them to stand their ground. They flip every time there is a fight.

ProRDF fight will not end

I really can’t understand anything you’re saying. You’re typing like you’re having a stroke.