A lot of people will quit until phase 2, because they don't want to level alts without RDF or Joyous Journeys

Most of the PvE content in this expansion is incredibly easy. People are downing Naxx 25 as pugs without any issues.

A lot of people don’t do PvP, so they will probably have nothing much to do until phase 2 comes. I’ve seen a lot of people arguing that they wanted to level their alts, but most 1-60 zones are just dead, and the lack of RDF and Joyous Journey makes it incredibly boring.

Since I like to PvP, I will probably be playing arenas, but a lot of my friends are just going to quit. We wanted to level our alts, but we just felt so incredibly bored that we’d rather do something else.

What will you do after you are done with the current PvE content?


I’ll lvl my alts?


wait for wow token classic so all the gold buyers can rage about how only they can have the monopoly on buying things from vendors.

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A lot of people

Another person with secret access to numbers and magical understandings of what other people will do.

because they don’t want to level alts without RDF or Joyous Journeys

It’s okay for people to not play something they don’t enjoy. Human behavior. This would be great for the servers since all of them aside from a couple are bursting with success.


He didn’t say any numbers?


I specifically waited to resub until joyous journeys was gone, then I rolled on a fresh server to level again.


You realise you could turned off the buff at a city inn, riiiiiiiiggghhhttttt?


A lot of people


As I wasn’t playing at the time, no I did not.

I guess that would have been useful information, but alas it is too late.

That’s an estimative based on the number of threads here and on Reddit of people complaining about the lack of RDF and JJ. I didn’t claim “half of the players” or “% of the players” will quit. What I’m saying is that there is enough evidence to suggest that a lot of people are not satisfied with leveling, and they will eventually quit after they are done with the current endgame content.

But hey, you don’t have to believe me. I might be wrong. Let’s see what will happen in the next month. But I can bet you that this is what will happen if they don’t at least get RDF in the game.

If the queues don’t drop drastically in the next month (if they don’t implement RDF), you can @ me here calling me out.


Just buy your heirlooms it gives similar exp boosts as JJ :roll_eyes:

I personally don’t care about JJ, but seems like it was a big deal for a lot of people. I’d just have RDF, because it makes the process of getting a group and running a dungeon way less painful.


People always complain. They still play and pay. This is normal in classic.

“A lot” is a measure of a large amount. You can’t know any measure without numbers.

I have faith you are.

Players who leave simply because there is no RDF make the wrath community better.

Rubbing your nose in something is petty. I don’t need for you to be wrong for some validation. I don’t have the negative outlook you purport to have and I’m not making up fantasy ideas about imaginary numbers of people doing something.

Idk go to stv and Shrek some lvl 40 clothies leveling

No jk don’t do this


large amount of playbase are going to start dwindling again simply because they cleared naxx which is the main end game for the next several months.


You have faith, you don’t have arguments. That’s what you don’t get.

You mean people who played the original game and want something that was in the original game? Got it.

You say that because you know this is what will happen. It must be hard for you to accept the fact that you will need to swallow your elitism when Blizzard comes up with an excuse to add RDF in the game because the numbers are plummeting. It’s just a matter of time. Why not just add it now?


I’d settle for just Joyous Journeys 1-70.

I came to Wrath to play old classes, leveling several of them through old content for weeks on end isn’t on table.

Already got 1 job, don’t need a second one.

20% buff compared to 50% for that long 1-68 drag. Sure thing.

There’s a reason why all pservers did x3 and x7 rates (300% 700%) , and ones that went for x1 generally died out pretty fast.

If their goal is having raidloggers playing 1-2 chars, by all means. At least the queues will go away.


Currently I can’t find a tank for Nexus. I have 6 heals and 15 DPS on LFG. I guess the turd bags didn’t help at all and should not have been used for the initial release because it didn’t do anything but screw Alchemy and we still have tank issues. Wow who woulda thunk.


I’m not required to argue. You don’t set the rules.

I don’t care what people want. The version Blizzard released is awesome and just as good as the original OG Wrath when it launched. Better really. These “people” you are talking about must not have a game out there right now for them. They should do things they enjoy if they don’t like what Blizzard released.

You invent “why” I do something. I say that because I don’t need to rub your nose in it; period.

I don’t need to swallow anything. They aren’t adding RDF. They heard the arguments for months. They said no.

…multiple times.

No matter how much you throw a tantrum, RDF isn’t coming and the game is better for it. Loving it so far!

We’ve seen the wall of no before.