A lot of people will quit until phase 2, because they don't want to level alts without RDF or Joyous Journeys

Other than blizzard stating they have no plans on adding it?

How many is “a lot”?

I mean it’s going to take time for people to get all the gear they need from it. A lot of players are not even 80 yet. Doom and gloom for no reason. Maybe a month or so from now but.

You mean like they did with the BG Finder?

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Because they have changed their stance on something in the past doesnt mean they will change their mind on every decision they make. So them saying no to rdf means no rdf. Sure that could change, but they could also make blizzard a non profit and make the game free. Could happen does not mean will happen.

People also seem to forget the amount of times Blizzard didn’t change their minds on a decision. Which greatly outweighs the times that they have.

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Do heroics, get heirlooms, level alts… pretty cut and dry in what to do for leveling.

Do professions, amass gold, get more enchants, get more gems, farm reputations… Pretty cut and dry for when you get to level 80.

I spend most of my time on this character and on my bank alt but either way I’ll still be leveling my Rogue and my Druid, the only other charcters I got to 70 in TBC because of their professions and it’s also something to do.

People need to be more patient with leveling, I get that you’ve all done it before but coming from someone who dislikes leveling I think I should say this. You aren’t forced to play this game, If you find yourself not wanting to play that’s ok.

If you find the game to be too slow, don’t play.
If you dislike the fact that you can’t level with LFD/RDF, don’t play.

It’s okay to play other games, in fact I say you should play other games. I think I know the reason people are complaining about phase 1 raids. I’ve cleared all PvE content, Naxx, EoE, TOS, VoA and yes it was easy which is disapointing, mainly because it’s even easier than the 40 man version. Blzzard said that it’d be buffed and honestly it feels very lackluster, the hardest part was where some of my raiders got a bug with Malygos and their action bars weren’t showing while on their drakes. After it was resolved we downed it right after.

What will I do? By the time I’m done with the current PvE content It’ll be phase 2 so…

Can confirm, leveling alts where the primary route is questing or open world grinding feels AWFUL compared to queue + quest hybrid, there are a lack of people in low 70-74 LFG already, it’s just a wasteland on any server but Faerlina/Grobb/Bene.

It is not fun.


This sounds like a “you think you do…” thread about the reality of Tier 7 Wrath.


Been here since beta. You sound desperate. You are still here. You are still paying. They aren’t changing anything.

More desperation.

…but, also young and petty

People wanted it since April. Blizzard acknowledged they heard the arguments. They said no.

They said no.

plan accordingly

He has access to blizzard’s internal projections.

We have seen plans not change time and time again here.

Wraths a 2 tier expansion, Naxx sucks and so does Trial so ofc people are gonna leave. Blizzard did a poor job on classic so you would go and pay that trash heap dragonflight.

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Except a good portion of this playerbase isn’t setting out to rerun it over and over to get all naxx gea; but rather just to experience the WotLK meta again or for the first time. It’s nothing new, happens with ever new phase and release of a raid.

Probably Classic Beta. That’s the idea you have.

Nah, you are the one replying to a thread you believe makes no sense. Go figure.

I’m probably older than you. Petty? You gotta look at yourself a bit.

Yeah, like they said they would not implement a system that “teleports you from where you are to a group with people from other servers and teleport you back”. Did the BG Queue tool arrive in your server? You can just press H to check it out.

I just have common sense. You should try it sometime.

This is so spot on.

If the regular journey isn’t “joyous” enough for you then go play retail.

Why would you specifically wait for that? You could literally turn it off…

Woah… you mean 12+ year old content that most of us have already done is easy? Shocker… :rofl::rofl::expressionless::expressionless::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Even back then. People begged for Cataclysm content to be harder. Blizzard made it harder. People complained and they tuned it down. WOTLK content is by far one of the easiest we ever had.

What a dumb position. I know when I started playing. You don’t.

It’s a forum. Of course I’m posting. I’m not pleading to something they repeatedly said “no” to. I’m not throwing little tantrums at people because they don’t agree with me.

I’m definitely posting about how much I like the game.


False equivalency fallacy