A lot of people will quit until phase 2, because they don't want to level alts without RDF or Joyous Journeys

False equivalence fallacy

We have a Wall of No Plans. We have seen plans change time and time again here.

No one struggled in Kara either and that phase lasted forever AND didn’t even have a real 25 man… People didnt quit en masse then… theu wont now either. Or at least if they do if wont be because the raid is too easy or they dont have Rdf, much as Id like to see corrections to bith

PS: Youll still get RDF. Probably around the same gap in content as OG wrath. Id bet on it

That’s been an issue for me. Level 1-60 zones are pretty dead, at least on my server.


Lol probably due to progression and not being killed. If people quit cause they get memed by a skully I can’t imagine they’d stick around to begin with

(I don’t condone killing Greys)

A very large number of people did quit right after Kara in tbc. Honestly people from Faerlina and Benediction should probably stay off the these posts because these over populated servers are not having the same issues our smaller realms are.



You are probably new around here. If you knew this company any better, you would understand how wrong you are about it. They are just postponing it until people stop buying boosts and start unsubbing.

I will make a thread just to laugh at this line when they implement it.


You are assuming JJ and rdf are coming in P2.

They are not.

If YOU dont want to level an alt, thats your choice. I however will be doing so my alt druid is almost half way 71 just from me doing a handful of dailies on him every day.

I was actually on the other side of Faerlina during P1, even we were fine. It wasnt until much later that the pop went to :poop:

I’m not assuming JJ is coming. I’m saying that people want it.

RDF is coming, that’s for sure. What is pretty lame is that they will wait until people start quitting and stop buying boosts to do it.


i thought i was gonna care about no rdf a lot more than i actually did while leveling. it really wasn’t a big deal. lfg is great

Just wanna grind for those heirlooms 1st… And thats kinda rough before P2 changes


Oh wait, this information is coming out of your rear end isnt it?

Well, thats true to the original so… :man_shrugging:

Im certain of it.

Do you have proof it isn’t coming? No, you haven’t either.

So hey, it’s probably coming from mine and your rear end as well, right?

Thats not how proof works. Make the claim onus is on you…

But I still strongly believe RDF will be added

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Not really just get the wintergrasp hearlooms and its easy.

Yes its not 100% optimal as some of the stat budget goes to res, but it gives the exp bonus that is what is wanted.

Once again, you were on Faerlina. You are the exception not the rule.

Faerlina Alliance. Try again

You mean the faction and server that a ton of streamers started on and had a huge population from the start?