[A] Looking for PVP/M+ guild

Just brought my DK back to KT and looking for a solid guild that PVP’s together and runs M+. Duelist BFA S4, and been 2k in RBGS (years ago). KSM BFA S4 and I’d be down for some casual raiding. Cleared 10/10N and 2/10H on my Druid before I realized DK is just way more enjoyable. If you got a good guild let me know.

Yo, check out our guild info here!


We downed 6/10H last night and have been doing multiple weekly RBG groups + M+ keys!


I too am looking for a good PVP RBG guild. I’m on most night and weekends around work. Vanilla wow player with multiple classes. Know them, play them, fight them. Right now I am playing a Human Destruction Lock. Squishy yes but OP crit, incinerate, and bolts if you want my take on it.