[A] LF guild that needs a tank and a dps

A friend and I are looking to faction change to alliance and possibly move to Kel’Thuzad as we need later PST or MST raid start times. He is a prot paly (ilvl 205ish) and I have an arms warrior(200), mm hunter (205) and a fire mage (200). Looking for a team that needs to fill a tank and dps slot with start times around 7PST. Check out Specc and Ghronk on Daggerspine server for our logs. Looking for a guild that is around 5/10H or so as we are 3/10 H living the pug life. WE are both looking to be dedicated raiders and m+ runners.

Contact me at DangerZone#1271

Hey! My guild is looking to recruit trial raiders for the upcoming patches. We are unfortunately full for tanks but we would love to bring in good DPSers if they are willing to switch specs. Please check out our forum post and if you are interested fill out our little questionnaire. We would love to have you. :slight_smile: [A] Durability Zero - 5/10 Heroic, M+, and RBGs! LF Mage, Warlock, and more!

I added you on battlenet! My guild is looking for exactly what you’re wanting!! Let me know!