⚓ [A] Kul Tiras Marines (RP-WPvP/PvE)

Website: https://www.kultirasmarines.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/7MuQz2m
Bnet: Gonzalez#1887
Disclaimer: We are not KTMC from Moon Guard, see Section VII. Guild History.

:anchor: I. Theme & Guild Basics

We RP a company of Marines from the Fifth Fleet of Kul Tiras. Forward deployed out of Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands and Tiragarde Keep in Durotar - the Marines and the civilian staff of the Proudmoore Naval Academy campus at Camp Menethil are the sole commitment from the Proudmoore Admiralty to the mainland after Kul Tiras left the Alliance.

#1 Focus: RP-WPvP & Community Events
#2 Focus: Dungeons & Raiding

:anchor: II. RP Goals & Culture

In an effort to thwart threats to Kul Tiras before they can reach our shores, the Marines are commited to the dismantling of the Horde as a world power, complete extermination of the Orcs as an invasive parasitic species, restoration of the Eastern Kingdoms to it’s rightful peoples, and a return to the world order which existed prior to the Orc invasion of the First War.

The following are prominent in KTM RP:

  • Fervent nationalism for Kul Tiras.
  • Naval culture with strict martial discipline.
  • Violently xenophobic against the Horde.
  • Adherence to the Marine Code of Honor.

:anchor: III. Structure & Divisons

Kul Tiras Marines is structured into several divisions to highlight particular themes that we incorporate into our RP.

Fifth Fleet of Kul Tiras

Consisting of the battleship KTS Silver Serpent, the destroyer esorts KTS Twinkling Star and KTS Blackhawk, the bulk of the guild consists of the main force deployed in ground operations as the 5th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

Camp Menethil

Based in Menethil Harbor, Camp Menethil administers various facilities throughout Menethil Harbor and hosts an annex to the Proudmoore Naval Academy where we train new Marines from both Kul Tiras and refugees from the mainland.


Both everywhere and nowhere, BI:6 is analogous with Stormwind’s SI:7 and serves as the intelligence gathering service of Kul Tiras. Those seeking to work in the intelligence field best be prepared for some of the most uneasy and morally questionable actions they will ever undertake in service or life.

Marine Corps of Engineers

A contingent of gnome scientists, engineers, tinkers and submariners are now recognized as the Marine Corps of Engineers, having brought their technological and industrial know-how to Kul Tiras after the Second War.

:anchor: IV. Tiragarde Keep Project

The Tiragarde Keep Project (TKP) is a survival mini-game deep in Horde territory. We summon level 6 characters out to Tiragarde Keep in Durotar to do battle against new Horde in the Orc/Troll starting zone. The force is under orders by the late Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore to hold Tiragarde Keep until the Kul Tiran Fleet is rebuilt to full strength for a final assault against the Orc capital - with the intent of bringing the Greenskin Infestation to an end.

More details on TKP are in a later section below.

:anchor: V. Recruitment & Bootcamp

We welcome new players without prior RP or PvP experience. Don’t be intimidated by our RP or RP-PvP - we will happily teach you!

New members come in as Cadets of the Proudmoore Naval Academy and undergo an RP’ed Bootcamp campaign at the Proudmoore Academy extension in Menethil Harbor. This is a series of RP and PvP events with instruction on the Marine Code of Honor, Kul Tiras lore, killing Horde, and going over the Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual.

:anchor: VI. Kul Tiras Marine Code of Honor

Every Marine must swear an oath to Kul Tiras and follow the Code prior to entering boot camp. The Marine Code of Honor is a Marine’s life and duty.

1. Protect the Homeland

2. Serve with Honor

3. No Marine is Left Behind

4. Always Be Prepared

5. Love the Sea

6. Always Follow Orders

:anchor: VII. Guild History

KTM aims to maintain a friendly, mature and casual gaming experience free of stress and drama. We play to relax and have fun - not to treat it as a second job and we support one-another in that spirit.

Founded in 2004 by members of various Ultima Online RP guilds and is the oldest Kul Tiras-themed RP guild in World of Warcraft. We played during the pre-Vanilla beta and then on the Bleeding Hollow PvP server. We transferred to the Maelstrom RP-PvP realm the first day it launched and remained there until the second half of Legion when we moved to Emerald Dream. We are now also on Grobbulus for Classic and and are recruiting!



:anchor: VIII. FAQs

Q: What races do you accept?

A: All races that fought alongside the Kul Tiran Navy during the Second and Third Wars are unconditionally accepted as Marines. This includes the following:

  • Humans
  • Dwarves
  • Gnomes

Q: What about Night Elves?

A: We will only accept a limited number of Night Elves. Joining as a Night Elf has some strict RP requirements. Those wishing to join as one should contact guild leadership to discuss recruitment.

Q: Do all new members attend bootcamp? I’m a military veteran and already did bootcamp IRL!

A: Yes. Our RP’ed bootcamp is part of the process we use to not only get members to become familiar with our RP, but also to become familiar and bond with other members in the guild from an IC POV.

Q: You guys sound like a bunch of psychotic racists. Orcs aren’t evil - they’re just misunderstood green bundles of love! Can’t we all just get along?

A: Kul Tirans generally revere the late Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore as a war hero and believe in his philosophy of exterminating the Orcs and dismantling the Horde. This sort of RP isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK. Civilian staff of the Proudmoore Naval Academy may hold different views, but the mission statement of the Academy itself still supports the Marines’ own goal of putting an end to the Greenskin infestation.

Q: What is your stance on the Alliance?

A: Kul Tiras left the Alliance after the Battle of Theramore, but we still consider the Alliance to be nominally friendly in the sense that we share some common interests. Nevertheless, we consider Lady Jaina Proudmoore to be a traitor and a fugitive - and those who serve under her command in Theramore are considered complicit in her crimes against Kul Tiras.

:anchor: The Anger of Kul Tiras

An excerpt from Warcraft Chronicles Vol. 3 on what happened to Kul Tiras after the events of Warcraft 3, and why our RP is the way it is:

Not only was Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore a military commander, but he was also ruler of the human nation of Kul Tiras. His people cried out for vengeance for his death, but the rest of the Alliance did not seek it. The plague of undeath in Lordaeron had already left the Alliance reeling, and its other leaders had little pity for Daelin Proudmoore, who had launched a war of aggression on his own authority.

In fury, the people of Kul Tiras isolated themselves from the rest of the Alliance. But their anger was not focused on King Varian Wrynn or any of the other Alliance leaders. Instead, they grew to hate Jaina Proudmoore, the daughter who had betrayed her family.


IX. Tiragarde Keep Project (TKP)

Tiragarde Keep is the only Alliance outpost in Durotar. These soldiers loyal to Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, father of Jaina Proudmoore, man Tiragarde (much like Northwatch Hold in the Barrens). Since Daelin’s death, they have continued their crusade against the Horde. While Jaina does not approve of their actions, the majority of the Alliance accepts the dangerous philosophy of these troops. Although there are some who view them as being almost as fanatical and stupid as the Scarlet Crusade.


:anchor: What It Is:
Man the fortifications of Tiragarde Keep in Durotar with Level 6 Alliance alts, providing a fun and immersive RP-PvP experience in the Horde starting zone.

:anchor: How It Works:
Characters are capped at Level 6 to provide a fair challenge to the Horde in the starting zone. You are issued standard uniforms/equipment and are summoned to Tiragarde Keep in Durotar. Protect the grounds just like the Kul Tiras Sailor and Marine NPCs do. This is a survival mini-game where we do battle against lowbie Horde and collect the meager resources of Durotar to make potions, ammunition, armor, etc.

:anchor: FAQ:

A: We did this for years from Vanilla through Wrath of the Lich King, and had to stop in Cata due to the Marine NPCS being wiped out by the Cataclysm and replaced by Theramore Marines. One group of troll RPers even made their own set of Level 6 alts to come fight us. It was fun!

Q: Lol
A: Don’t laugh, 4-button RP-PvP is serious business.

Q: Why only Level 6?
A: The Kul Tiran NPCs are Level 5 and 6, and so are the Horde players who come to kill them. We want to provide a fun and challenging experience not only for ourselves but for the Horde who we encounter. If they come in and just get one-shot, that’s not a challenge nor is it fun for anyone.

Q: Won’t you just get camped?
A: Level 60s always eventually show up, and when they do wipe us we just switch back to our mains and play something else rather than get camped. It is meant to be a side-game, so to speak. Sessions usually last around 30 minutes to an hour.

Q: Do I have to lock my XP?
A: XP locking is disabled for Classic. If you accidentally level up to 7 you will have to create a new character and get re-summoned out to Tiragarde Keep. This only takes about an hour, but it’s not something you want to do over and over.

Q: How do you keep from leveling past 6?
A: We recommend getting summoned to Tiragarde Keep at Level 4 or 5. You then proceed to explore the surrounding areas (including the Valley of Trials) and use that exploration XP to get to Level 5. Once at level 5 you can hearth back to Goldshire, level up to 6, buy any new ability ranks, and get summoned back to Tiragarde Keep. You will no longer gain XP unless you go hunting the local wildlife, most of which is not hostile and thus gaining XP is largely avoidable. We also get everyone into a Raid group, as Raids get significantly less XP than if you are solo - should any hostile NPCs be killed.

Q: Who can sign up?
A: It’ll be freely available to members of Kul Tiras Marines and we will accept members from allied guilds who agree to abide by the rules of the project.

Q: But I’m gonna play Horde :frowning:
A: Please make a Level 6 alt of your own, station him at Razor Hill and come fight us then!

:anchor: Classes Available:

Allowed Races:

  • Human
  • Dwarf
  • Gnome

Classes Allowed:

  • Warrior
  • Paladin
  • Rogue
  • Mage
  • Hunter


:anchor: X. Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual

As you observe the book before you, it appears to be well-made with sturdy brass reinforcements throughout and the golden anchor of Kul Tiras emblazoned on the spine. A thick green leather has been used in the binding. Upon close inspection, it appears to be Orc skin - complete with battle scars typical of veteran Orc warriors. Next to the gold anchor along the spine, the title is branded into the leather: Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual.

I. Introduction

The Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual is issued to every recruit upon enlistment into military service, and is to be carried with all Marines to their area of operation - be it on land or aboard a vessel. It serves as a quick reference guide for a variety of important subjects relevant to carrying out the duties of a Kul Tiras Marine.

If this is your first copy of the Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual, then that means that you have just undertaken the first step into a life of challenges and danger - but also a life with weight and meaning. If it is riches and fame you seek - then you’re in the wrong place. Being a Kul Tiras Marine is not a job - it 's a calling. Those who answer the call can look upon the seas and the beauty of our nation as the legacy you are protecting - and the legacy you will leave behind.

Kul Tiras was built upon the power of our Navy, the tenacity of our People, and our devotion to the Sea. Protect that which makes us strong, and embrace that which makes us Kul Tiras Marines.

Welcome aboard!


II. Dedication

This manual is dedicated to the memory of Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore: Hero of the Second War, loving father, devoted husband. His bravery and tenacity in facing the threats to our world shall forever live on in our hearts. May his name forever echo with the sound of the ocean breeze and the crashing of the waves.


III. Table of Contents

IV. The Marine Code of Honor

V. Naval Technology

VI. Shipboard Operations

VII. Reconnaissance Reports

VIII. SPEAR Missions

IX. Wilderness Survival

X. Ground Assault

XI. Interrogation Techniques

XII. Beastiary

XIII. The Undead

XIV. Elves

XV. Dwarves & Gnomes

XVI. Human Kingdoms

XVII. Epilogue


XI. Raiding & PvE

Kul Tiras Marines intends to go into Raid content once our core members have the appropriate gear levels to do so - either forming/running PUGs or teaming with like-minded allied guilds.

During Phase 1, we are focusing on Leveling, running dungeons to get Pre-Raid Gear - and then heading into Molten Core and Onyxia.

We will not be approaching Raiding as if it’s a full time job in the way other guilds may do - people looking for an uberhardcore Raiding experience would be best served elsewhere. We approach Raids at a pace consistent with having a healthy adult life with real world priorities and responsibilities.


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Awesome RP and WPvP with this crew. If you like military style RP and butt kicking, look no further!


Oye lads! Can’ot beh waitin tah bury meh axe in some horde with yeh!


Looking forward to fighting alongside our old trusted allies from Emerald Dream and forging new alliances here on Grobbulus!

Death to the Blackbloods!

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Enough talking, down with the Horde!


I joined the Marines a year ago. Great outfit, established and well connected with the vast RP-PvP community.




Getting more excited to protect our lands from this hardcore elite military unit. /salute from Redwood


I bring a message from Chieftain Ayashe Brightmane and her Redwood Tribes council:

“Abandon the lands of Durotar or you will be thrown into the sea and we see how long it takes for your arrow ridden and sword slashed bodies to sink to the bottom”

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Lionguard will be here when you need us!


The Kaldorei are with you. Eventhough you dont accept us as your natural overlords, we do share a common purpose on Kalimdor


Lieutenant Hayden Blackfathom unrolls a stinking piece of cured animal skin, revealing a pattern of savage glyphs and totems that vaguely resemble letters. Judging from the smell, the “writting” appears to have been done using pieces of cow droppings clumsily smeared across the hide.

Upon closer inspection, and comparing other missives intercepted by Boralus Intelligence agents, it seems to be a warning directed against the brave Sailors and Marines holding fast against the savages who frequently besiege Tiragarde Keep in Durotar.

“Captain, would you please take a look at this?” he asks, holding up the stinking piece of hide with a grimace.

The Captain looks in Blackfathom’s direction and barks back “I don’t care what you’ve been wiping your behind with, Lieutenant! Get back to work!”.

Blackfathom hastily gets a piece of high quality Drustvar parchment and a pen made from the feather of a young Sea Scout gryphon - sturdy and strong. He begins to translate the writing and prepare a report for the Captain, who has little time to be staring at dung-caked hide.


Link to Chapter XII. Beastiary has been added to the index found here for the Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual portion of this information thread.



The Shu’halo looks at the post, and mumbles about something about it being well written.


Link to Chapter XI. Interrogation Techniques of the Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual has been added to the index found here.

We ran out first bootcamp on Grobbulus this weekend and it was great fun, a shout out to the randoms who decided to join in on the fun and got into formation with our Cadets!


Link to Chapter IV. Marine Code of Honor has been added!

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