[A] < Illicit > [8/10M] Recruiting Raiders for CE Push! Healer Needed!

Illicit is a highly active social raiding guild seeking recruits for our weekly CE-focused raid team. We are especially looking for CE/mythic-capable raiders. Also recruiting for an AOTC raid leader. See below!

Team Apollo :bow_and_arrow: : 8/10 M (CN/SoD) and 5/11 M (SoFO)

:timer: RAID TIMES: Tue/Wed from 6:00pm - 9:00pm PT

We’re stepping up our CE efforts and pushing hard for a full mythic clear in Vault once the new expansion launches. We are always recruiting talented raiders with at least half clears on Shadowlands raids and strong logs to back it up.

Apollo Roster Needs:

Priority Role Spec Special Note
High Healer HPally, HPriest, Shaman MUST have alt-spec DPS
Med DPS w/ Heal Off-Spec Any MUST be proficient in both roles
Med DPS w/ Tank Off-Spec Any MUST be proficient in both roles
Low DPS Any Any class w/ strong logs and mythic experience

Note: Melee spots will be competitive. Having a ranged alt is a bonus.

:small_blue_diamond:Must have some record of successful mythic raiding or CE experience with logs.
:small_blue_diamond:Must be able to provide successful Shadowlands logs in the role you are applying for.
:small_blue_diamond: This team has a minimum attendance requirement of 90%+
:small_blue_diamond:Able to meet consistently high benchmarks for a player of your class/spec.
:small_blue_diamond:Be thoroughly prepared for a new fights by:

  • Watching assigned videos on boss mechanics prior to raid time.
  • Researching your class/specs preferred talents and gear for each fight.
  • Coming to raid with the appropriate consumables.
  • Being present and on time for raid.

About Illicit

In addition to raid we boast a strong social calendar, active M+ community, regular contests, perks for raiders, paid repairs, a boosted Discord with instant Raidbots DPS sims, & more.

If you have experience, we will provide the infrastructure and help with recruiting. Message Ryme on bnet (below) for more information. We will also pay for your server transfer!

Illicit’s motto is: “We shoot the drama llama on sight” and we strive to keep this credo in mind with everything we do. This includes all activities from our raid/loot policy down to our day-to-day interactions between members.

We can be the rowdiest bunch of degenerates ypu’d ever hope to meet, but at the same time we respect each other. You will fit right in if you have a great sense of humor and aren’t easily offended as well as someone who avoid toxic behavior. Both folks who are jerks and folks who are oversensitive don’t last long with us.

If you’re a strong player seeking a guild where you can get content down all while making new friends: Consider Illicit!

CONTACT US :phone:

For more information or an informal interview please contact:

Phanci - Recruitment Officer (bnet: Phlavor#11980)
Mook - Raid Lead for Apollo (bnet: mook#11893)
Noogin - Raid Assist/Tank Lead for Apollo (bnet: Noogin#1566)
Ryme - Illicit GM/Apollo Healing Leader & Recruiter Assist (bnet: Ryry#11575)

We can’t wait to hear from you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Please, take some time to review our post, we really are looking for some good Raiders to round out our already nice roster.

You know you want to check out what Illicit has going on. Contact me today for a chat and we can see if we are a good fit!

Discord is fun! you can even hear me ramble about Bar Exam questions! if you are into that kinda stuff.

Right? Discord is where it’s at! We are in Discord right now for anyone wanting to chat about Illicit’s offerings!

The open mythic healer role has been filled. Thanks to everyone that has responded!

But we still need some ranged DPS! HOLLA!

Illicit - When you’re here, you’re family.

So glad we merged with Illicit! Great people, lots of fun. Very active in game and discord.

We love our members!

Awesome group of people to be with… Come join us!!!

Yeah! Horrisha is right! We rock! Contact me NOW if you would like to chat about the opportunities Illicit can offer you!

Still looking for that other tank to get slapped around a bit! Let us heal you and give you raid repairs!

We love tanks! Especially good ones!

I mean, who wouldnt want to join us. Come join us, we are going to write about everyone else in our burn book.

Come and check us out!


Seriously though, join Illicit :slight_smile:

Bump for good tanks, and fun times!

Come to Illicit! We have punch and pie!

Specifically looking for 2 non-paladin tanks and some DPS. Please reach out to one of us today.