[A] < Illicit > [8/10M] Recruiting Raiders for CE Push! Healer Needed!

We’re available NOW to talk about what you and Illicit can achieve together!

Come see what we are all about!!!

We’re available RIGHT NOW to talk to you! Shoot me a bnet request! ryry#11575

Back to the top you go.

come to Illicit

Hi! Come and visit with us! Maybe we’re the one for you!

Illicit: Where’s the beef?

The only beef in Illicit is between two buns, hun.

Illicit, still seeking mythic-capable raiders :slight_smile:

Also seeking Tanks, and non-hunter ranged DPS!

Are you a mythic tank? Ask me now how we can do great things together!

Come and see what we’re all about!

We have a awesome discord!

Wait… we have punch and pie? I thought we had coffee and candlelight

Only for you Horisha

illicit is a great guild

Where are all those mythic tanks at? We will lave you long time.

friendly, active people what more you looking for.

BOOM! Still looking for a partner for those long walks on a beach in Nyalotha

Come play with us :slight_smile: