[A] Frostmourne <Boop> Recruiting - Casual/Social Guild and Community!

Boop is on the lookout for any and all social and casual toons! We are focused on developing and maintaining a supportive and tight-knit community and are always looking to expand our family.

Whether you’re a returning player looking for a relaxed environment to find your footing, a casual player looking to get away from the demands of high tier raiding and the stresses of life; or just a place to hide your alts, everyone is welcome!

We have regular M+ runs from 1-15+, twice a week raid, PvP skirmishes and guild rbgs, Mount/tmog runs, altaholics, and of course most of all casual, like-minded friends!

Also! we are often always looking to expand our raid and PvP teams! Please keep in mind that we are Casual, and our raids are mainly focused on coming together and having heaps of laughs while also making steady progress in current content! There hasn’t been a raid tier where we haven’t gotten AOTC for our guild members and community :smile:

Raid times are: Friday and Saturday 6:30pm to usually about 9:30pm AEST (no daylight savings)
Our raid goals are and have always been Heroic/AOTC for all, and we don’t see ourselves dipping our toes back into Mythic tier any time in the foreseeable future other than for quick funsies to fill time between seasons~

Discord is usually very active! with heaps of daily chats and laughs as well as questions being answered as soon as we can get back to each other.
Plus heaps of outside of WoW ‘events’! such as Game and Movie nights to just chill out!

Again, our focus is on a chill and supportive guild, no drama, good laughs, and all the boops and support you can get!
You can add and contact me on Bnet @ Mewzi#1604, or better yet, Discord @ Mewzi#2323
Anyone can help in the server as well! Discord.gg/boop - Officers and members are always super keen on inviting friends, new or old (such as alts haha) <3


CROSS-FACTION COMMUNITY LINK: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/D2rV5XVhXnL?region=US&faction=Alliance
anyone welcome to join us for updates, news, social etc!


HEY FRIENDS! [small update!]

Lots of Levelling, Mythic+ (Lows to 15+), PvP, Raids, all planned already for us! got heaps of people excited to lead for each category of playstyle :smiley:

and of course, as always, casual/social players welcome and encouraged to join us in the shenanigans! Whether that’s in the Guild, Community or Discord server!

discord.gg/boop | Mewzi#2323
I’m always keen to talk to anyone, anytime about anything!

and feel free to just lurk/hang out in the server :> no need to be totally committed to anything in ! plz always prioritise your health and life above all else!

~See you around Azeroth! :smile:


Hi Mewzi,

What is your current raid schedule?
I am looking for a heroic raid team to progress with in 9.2 as a restoration shaman.


It is Friday and Sunday at 6:30pm Server time! usually goes until 9:30pm :relaxed:

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Ahh, unfortunately I cannot make those times due to timezone differences.

Thanks anyway :grinning:

no worries! good luck on your search :smiley:

If I were to describe boop in one word I couldn’t, because it’s such an amazing place, the community is so warm and welcoming! The people are so helpful and kind and the guild leader has made such a good environment to go and hangout and make friends, after I joined I was so surprised to have finally found a guild that genuinely makes you feel like you belong, I :heart: boop so much :smiley:

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Sounds like you guys have it all! Goodluck on your recruitment search


A great group of people with lots going on!

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Loads of fun!

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Very accepting guild, no matter the skill level! I love it here, :heart: the guild masters are both very kind and friendly people! Cannot talk up the guild enough, it’s great and an amazing place!


Why hello there!

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Very friendly and chill guild! :slightly_smiling_face: Enjoy the entirely of the guild on my alliance character, I would say it’s worth switching from the horde, they are that friendly! :smiley: (Which I actually did :rofl:)


Fancy seeing you here!!! :smiley:

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The best guild for casual or non-competitive WoW players! Personally, this is the type of guild I am comfortable with. :heart:

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Hi there!
I like the tone of this recruitment post and the posts following it. I am currently playing on the Nagrand server (being from Melbourne).
My main is Arthug, a Paladin protection/Ret 259 and my main alt is Ugwei, a Survival hunter 239 who started gearing in M+. lots of other retired alts (staying retired for the time being).
Boop picked my interest, looking for casual M+ fun groups and maybe casual raiding. I’ve been playing WoW for 15+ years and past the hardcore time. Been there, done that and got the t-shirt :wink:

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Hi Mewzi. Let’s catch up in-game at your best convenience :wink:

Hey! I’d be happy to chat! best places to contact me is on Discord or Bnet :smile:
Boop sounds like a great place for you, we’d love to have you along!
also feel free to apply in-game, OR whisper Coldsoul who is online much more than I at the moment! Tried to catch ya a few times but we don’t seem to be on at the same time haha !

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I will try tonight. I am often on Arthug or Ugwei.
cheers :slight_smile:

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I moved Arthug and Ugwei to Frostmourne last night. I will try to contact you or Coldsoul. My Discord is Arthug#6767

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bump! Boop is still on the lookout always!
We’ve also finally created a community (cross faction welcome) for all players from anywhere to join us! will be sure to post any and all raid night invites, and guild events we have in there as well as the Discord as we’ve been doing!

Community Invite Link:

Discord Link:

^- feel free to catch me/us wherever you feel most comfortable as always, and feel free to join, lurk or hang out any time; regardless of faction, playstyles, activity etc :smile: