[A] <Currently Online> is recruiting active raiders, socials, and casual players

Currently Online

US - Sargeras - Alliance
(we also have an active Horde guild on Illidan)

Since 2014, Currently Online has taken pride in providing a fun, drama-free home for thousands of members. Representing both factions, CO has a spot for every person no matter their allegiance. Whether you’re only interested in WoW, or you’d like to enjoy our other clans like Diablo, FFXIV, or Runescape, you’ll find a home here at CO.

For Raiders

  • Multiple Heroic AOTC teams
  • Multiple Normal-only teams

We have normal teams on both factions to help newer raiders learn how to raid, and more experienced raiders learn new classes, gear alts, and experience raiding in a very laid back environment.

Our Heroic and Mythic teams run PUG raids from time to time and we have weekly normal PUG raids, so if you don’t want to commit to a team there’s still plenty of opportunities that fit your schedule.

Check out all of our WoW teams here: https://currentlyonline.org/wow-teams

For Mythic+ Enthusiasts

Our raiders are regularly pushing keys up to and past +20s. If you don’t have a regular group you’re running with you can respond to any of the pings people post asking for DPS, Heals, or a Tank and make new friends and find a new push group.

We have high key pushers active on both sides, including those of you struggling to find keys on Alliance (like I used to!).

For Social Players

Discord is our hub of activity – we chat throughout the workday and into the late night about WoW, life, and everything. We regularly have people looking for groups for leveling, timewalking, Mythic+, and out-of-game events like Among Us and game nights.

We know that sometimes WoW gets tiring or boring, which is why we’re also a thriving community across a bunch of games including:

  • Minecraft
  • Diablo
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • OSRS
  • The latest flavor of the month game (Among Us, Genshin Impact, etc)

We have holiday parties, monthly events, and often will just shoot the breeze on voice chat while doing entirely unrelated things.

Come Join Us Today

Discord: https://discord.gg/paJkZ9MMwc

If you have any questions, hop into our Discord and ping a @Warcraft Recruiter , and they’ll reach out to you as soon as they can.

We don’t require an application or interview process, so if you’re ready to join just hop into our Discord, grab the @WoW role to unlock the WoW channels, and ask for an in-game invite.

Even if you’re not on yet committed to playing on Sargeras you’re welcome to be part of our community, join our teams, and become Currently Online.


Whether you’re a brand new player looking for some people to hang out with, a bittervet just looking for a relaxing place to raid, or someone looking to push parses and AOTC/Cutting Edge – Currently Online is the right guild for you…

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Tired of the constant up and down cycle of guilds forming and disbanding? Tired of having to constantly look for a new team with every raid tier? Currently Online has had a stable WoW community since 2014!

Hello, I am def interested! Gonna add your disc server now! :slight_smile: I am “FluffyPanda” :slight_smile:

Most excellent! We look forward to seeing you around and hanging out in 9.2!

Come join in on the fun!

Loster Signal’s first Alliance run this Sunday! Get in on the fun

Hey all! We are still looking for more friends to come join our group!

We’re continuing to look for players at all levels of play to join the fun!

Growing day by day, come join in on the fun

We need more people to disappoint our Guild Leader. Come join us!

We’re alt-friendly, too! Even have a whole team (Alli and Horde) devoted to running Wrath of the Lich King content locked at level 30!

Are you excited to train your dragon? We are. Lots of activity since the announcement of the newest expansion, come make some friends and run some keys!

Where have all the good raiders gone
And where are all the gods?
Where’s the streetwise Hercules
To fight the rising odds?

Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed
Late at night, I toss and I turn
And I dream of what I need

I need a hero! And that could be you! Come drop by our discord and see what we are all about!


I am an iLVL 262 Fury warrior still learning my class as well as the dungeons and raids. I am a older mature adult LF the same with possible opening for a newbie to get into and learn weekends raids/dungeons.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!


We are gearing up for 9.2.5 and cross factions. Getting ready to merge all of our raiding teams. There’s something for everyone depending on what day you want to raid.

We have a mythic, multiple heroic teams and we also do a weekly normal raid that is intended to help introduce people to raiding!

Soon we will be able to play with our friends who chose the lesser faction. :slight_smile:

Come check us out on Discord. Bonus points if you ask for some Rat Keys.

Hi Kalijah!

Sorry if no one responded to you. If you haven’t done so yet, come join us on Discord. The link is in the original post. It won’t let me re-link it.

When you get in there, just select the WoW role and you’ll see all the Warcraft channels where we can get you into the guild and you’ll find all the folks looking to run keys and such. Or just talk about Rat Keys.

Cross faction is bussin, more active than ever, come get your fix!

All of our teams now have AOTC! Time to work on transmog and alts!

With Season 4 coming next week, come boogey down in Castle Nathria with a Currently Online cross-faction raid team, or join us in M+ or PVP!