A couple propositions to alleviate the state of world PvP from a stability and incentive structure standpoint


I did. I don’t reply on things I don’t read but thanks for the question. Oh.


Yeah, I just added that to be diplomatic as to not make this a horde or alliance-centric argument. The intent is just to question whether or not the current ruleset is feasible in the long-run.


Seems to me that person was arguing for OP(me) not against


I get it. I simply disagree on what the issue is. Honestly (based on some experience with these forums) I think it’s prolly getting ignored for a reason. At a certain point it’s actually counter productive. (I’m being serious with this advice & trying to help, despite my differing opinion). I’ve seen numerous times on these forums that beating dead horses actually creates deaf ears. I honestly would give it some time before people continue to harp on it, because from Blizz’s perspective, the game is still fresh, BGs haven’t launched yet. NO COMPANY is gonna just make snap descions TODAY. Just because it feels like “forever” to the players, doen’t mean a solution isn’t being worked on, but they need approval all over the map from the company. People would do better to excerise some patience, if the issue is persisting after BGs drop, maybe THEN they will consider something. Maybe not. But trying to force anyone thru pressure is historically a poor choice.


I’m aware of what they were saying, but thanks for looking out. Perhaps my tone wasn’t understood…


I do appreciate the thought but I see the forums differently. People are welcome to ignore the post, people are welcome to engage, troll, discuss, whatever. But keeping an issue in the spotlight is how change happens. If not for the excessive complaining, we wouldn’t have BGs moved up I’m sure. Besides, the tone of my post is about as objective as I could manage while still bringing attention to the issue.


Seriously, go re-read what you just said to me.
“Seems that person was arguing for the OP” (implying not you mirite?)

I’m not here to debate semantics, enjoy your day.


Yeah I got snarky with you in response to


player choice my dude players chose where they play dont think for a second they wouldnt be doing this to the horde so please stop feelign bad for them they can re roll.

if blizzard caves to the whiners and does faction queues im done on classic wow.


okay…my bad lol i actually thought you were attempting to be civil. should’ve guessed… >.>


They are on certain servers, and even mine which is fairly balanced. People don’t want to think the alliance gank FP’s, farm GY’s, and camp low levels. But people do the same no matter their faction.


I think we’re arguing over nothing, I agree. Internet forums inherently bring out the worst in us.


you know how many alliance groups gank me on the way to dire maul?..lol.

lets just say lots so i dont feel bad for any alliance getting camped because they would do it to the horde with the numbers.


I personally am not concerned with which faction is majority/minority. I’m just concerned with finding ways to incentivize a healthier ratio on each server.


you cant fix imbalanced player choice.


Right, not without incentives to make different choices


this is classic, why is it you want a retail solution to it.
This Wpvp unfettered and undiluted.
You don’t fight you die
You don’t run you die
You don’t outwit you die.
You don’t outnumber you die
You persist alone, you die some more.
“Oh you want to highlight PvE contents on a PvP server, please be our guest and enter BRD with our best regards…KAAAABBOOOOOMMMM!! … I think not.”
There is danger around every corner, if you can’t handle it retreat to the safety of Ironforge or re-roll on a PvE server.
This is the world I came back and signed up for.
I have no plans to retreat, at the moment I am prey and I live to outwit the horde.
Screw them and their unbathed, tartared tusk, lice sporting carcasses.
They haven’t ganked me yet and I am still leveling, better yet I am also leveling a Paladin now that the boards are beginning to see posts from horde players whining about a bug that is allowing Paladins to slaughter them by the bushels :wink:


#nochanges this is how vanilla was just a lot more people playing now then back then.


I think it’s find to have a #nochanges mindset. You just have to admit certain things are true now that weren’t true when vanilla was developed to do so. Player servers for instance are several times more populated than before. This of course means several times as many players to kill FPs, camp Gadgetzan, etc. If we accept that servers will be a hellhole in a way that the original servers weren’t designed around, ok that’s fine. The inevitable result is servers with overwhelming majorities of one faction, and we’ll see no world PvP


Early release of content, layers, guards are now more attentive than they were originally, item comparison, can still move your characters on your select screen, got our auto loot option, addons can be turned off/on in game, can cancel your fp’s, can move portraits, can mail multiple items, numbers on ablities, we have in game voice chat, can trade in raids, lasher farm for mages nerfed, LFG got changed, DM buffs don’t stack. No infernal aura infernal/Doomguard release go back to the spot they were summoned, No more world boss kiting, combat log was larger than it was in vanilla until amost December of '19 (50 yards to 200 yards). Also more changes than that.

I can’t agree with the #nochanges argument, there’s tons of changes. I actually think changes can be a good thing if done right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Classic wow was a failure
Stealth ability doesn’t feel stealthy because of Spy