A couple propositions to alleviate the state of world PvP from a stability and incentive structure standpoint


Yo, I had no idea so many changes were present as is.


Yeah, but get me right. Changes need to be thought about and they need to cover most potential consequences before implementing them. I don’t agree with most changes in this thread as they change more than would be necessary. We’re getting some changes to try and fix the problem, I say we wait for that to happen and see before we try to put a band-aid on the band-aid before you even apply the first one. It’s illogical to me.


Not to be snarky but I agree with you and it’s written near the end of my OP.


my thoughts are faction queues based on how many of the opposing faction are currently online with a give or take 20% ratio so if one side has 2k people on then the other faction can only have 2.4k though not completely balanced it would reduce 1 side from ruling the entire globe. also free transfers for the faction that has huge queue times if the faction stuck with the queues doesn’t like it they can transfer for free. maybe even faction change?


Here is an alternative:

Lower server caps. Queues be damned.


I’ve already found the fix to this problem.

don’t play on PVP servers or… just don’t login to classic anymore.


Honestly thats a bad idea. Layering is probably a better alternative only because of world bosses before it wasnt nearly as many people who had to fight for a world boss and now its probabl 2-3x more than originally. Layering would prob help alot


another alleviate Wpvp post eh.

I know you folks all mean well, and there may be sound logic to your ideas.
But your solution is already at hand, it is called retail, it is then end results of every Wpvp/pvp proposal fix that came down the pike a long time ago.
A controlled environment where nothing happens.
Now I wasn’t here from the start but I am sure many ideas to fix pvp sounded like the proposals being put forth on these current boards, but I was there for many and can close my eyes and see it all over again.
Trust me when I tell you, there are more to come in the coming weeks.
Soon these boards will be inundated with whining twink posts.
Now my question is why?..why do you need these changes?
Why did you come back to classic what is it that you want to find here that you cant find in retail.
Was it the talent trees, was it the feel of the old zones or dungeons whatever it was, it could be found on a PvE server.
There is only one element of a PvP server that differs from a PvE server and that is open Wpvp. That’s it!!!
What did you think is was going to be, S.S. vs T.M.?! Well, then you are not in the PvP demographic you are a dabber otherwise you would have known that in an undiluted wpvp world, this what you get.
These players are solely pvp driven, the players that were driven out of retail, and here we are again trying to drive them out so dabbers can once more have their sterile pvp server.
I came back to classic to play with them, not with people who want to sterilize pvp again.


I think your response here illustrates the misconception that many “no changes” players share. People seem to think that the original rules built for World PvP would be designed the same way for today’s classic WoW.

The servers are far more populated than they ever were during Vanilla while the quantity of real estate in game hasn’t changed nor have the quantity of mobs nor have the quantity of Flight Masters. I think it’s obvious what that combination means.

I’m not whining nor complaining nor crying. What I’m doing is laying out the obvious facts from which we can decide what we consider desirable from the game.

If you consider mono-factionalization to be desirable, then fine, I suppose some people would be okay with no world PvP due to major faction imbalance. I’m trying to keep world PvP alive, but to do so may require some changes.


The rallying cry of every so called improvement to Wpvp.
The end product today being a retail game bereft of any Wpvp, why would a second go round be any better?!
Again, what you are trying to create is a world BG. Where everyone has an equal chance, well even in BG’s that is a false concept.
Which is what is being sold here a false concept that we can alter the state of Wpvp and still save it.
I am reminded of the movie Jurassic Park where they thought they could create the beast and control it too. You can’t.
This issue will eventually settle itself, without divine intervention.
FInd something else to do in this game and the gankers minus their targets will get bored and also find something else to do as well.


It will settle itself, there’s always an equilibrium in these things. The question is:

what do you think that equilibrium will look like?

That’s the point of this post and others like it.


Christian Bale? ^.^

(Somalion) #74

Oh please do. that way your whine about PvP on a PvP server will be the same as everyone else’s


time. Simply time.
When the BG’s come out, ganking will be an inefficient way to gain honor, so they either leave places like BRD and go do BG’s or risk falling behind gear wise.
Those that fall behind no longer will find it fun being on the receiving end of superior geared opponent and simply quit or spend all their time in BG’s.
A resolution is at hand.


Lmao noice


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I suppose time will tell


I think I’m misunderstanding: how does layering support world bosses? My understanding is that they HAD to remove layers to enable world bosses. Not sure they can dupe the world bosses on each layer

I like hellish queues because:

  1. Blizzard can say, rightfully, we warned you;
  2. People will then have a real incentive to transfer (for free, to atone!)
  3. Density will lower and people can consider wpvp again
  4. world bosses stay enabled
    1. the cognitive test required to beat the queue game probably makes your alt DM runs a little less newb


I am on board with the idea of setting a maximum simultaneous player count and then opening new servers so long as free transfers to minority faction servers are given.


They would have to implement something that doesnt allow you to receive loot from a world boss you have already cleared. But yes ultimately each layer would have to have its own boss.

Enabling queues on servers for the majority race is hurting the player base further and its for something completely out of their control. They didnt decide there would be a imbalance when it came to making a character. They didnt decide to now play on a server with a queue time for circumstances out of their hands.

All you PVErs want blizzard to solve problems caused by YOUR decisions. By hurting the player base that is doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing on a PVP server. Even if they added queue times. You honestly think thats going to stop people from camping those FPs? The only thing its gonna do is cause an unfair advantage to those players who DO get logged in and get to pvp while everyone else is stuck logged out in a queue