[A] <Cairdeas> - Old School AOTC Heroic Raiding (Tues/Thurs)

Cairdeas is one of the oldest guilds in wow dating back to the initial alpha testing server. Our stability and longevity set us apart in WoW when so many other guilds come and go. Many of us have been raiding together since vanilla.

Our guild is a mature laid back group. We are committed to successfully raiding and exploring the game together. Most of our group has been more hardcore at some point and wants to succeed and see the whole game with a more relaxed, sustainable approach. We took a short break at the end of Castle Nathria but we are excited to get started on Sanctum of Domination.

Our primary focus in raiding in Shadowlands is clearing Heroic content.

We are looking to add quality players who fit into our culture, strive to play at a high level, share our goals and want to have fun raiding in Shadowlands. A good attitude, enthusiasm and commitment are more important to us than class and spec. Be a positive person - someone who likes to raid and have a good time.

We aren’t running multiple raid groups on different evenings. We are just running one. We don’t want to be a huge guild or be all things to all people. You are not going to get lost in the chaos of seven different raid teams running seven different schedules. We want everyone to know each other and we want all of our raiders to be and feel like they are a core part of what we are doing.

We are looking for players that want a guild home - someplace to set down roots to be a part of a family of players that work together and experience the raid content as a team. We have a committed core and we are looking for personalities and skillsets that add to that.

We are especially interested in the following class/roles, but we always have room for someone who is a good fit for our raid.

MM Hunter
Balance Druid
Death Knight
Shadow Priest

Open to any class

Open to any class

We want our tanks to have a viable off spec. It gives a lot more flexibility to the raid.

Server: Stormrage

Raiding schedule: Tuesday & Thursdays 8:00 - 10:30PM EST

Voice Chat: Discord (this is a hard requirement)

What we are looking for in potential raiders:

  • A strong desire to be the best that you can be. We want people that are doing everything between raids to improve their character‚Äôs gear and play. Be the guy/girl who studies their class and the raid logs looking for ways to get better.
  • A love of raiding. Not just of getting gear - I mean who doesn‚Äôt love getting fat loot? I mean a love of working together with a fun, committed group of people to overcome the different challenges that each new boss presents.
  • A desire to be a part of a group of people that truly enjoy playing the game together.
  • A commitment to be there every raid on time and ready to go.
  • A positive attitude and a willingness to do what it takes to succeed. If we ask you to take your hunter and help heal the raid with a stack of linen bandages we want someone that is going to ask how many stacks to bring :stuck_out_tongue:
  • A general desire to have fun.

What we will provide:

  • A fair environment with no favorites. New members and established members are all treated the same. Everyone will have the same opportunities.
  • Flasks and food and repairs
  • Constructive feedback - not angry rants or calling players out in a negative way. If we call your name out, it will be like a ray of helpful sunshine lifting you up. Ok maybe not‚Ķbut it will be constructive and given nicely with the intent of helping you better understand the fight.
  • An opportunity to be a part of a great, active guild with fun and helpful people
  • A diverse and safe environment. No discussion of politics. Our love of playing wow is what binds us. We welcome all races, sexualities and genders.
  • A respectful adult environment. We aren‚Äôt saints and things slip and it‚Äôs no big deal. We just as a rule expect members to be respectful to each other.

We are also looking to add fun, casual players that want an active stable guild that is low drama and fun to be a part of.

You can add me on BNET Real ID: Eventin#1487
On Discord: Sevenfold#7482
or you can talk to me in game: Sevenf√∂ld | Sevenf√īld | Evenafter

Sent you a Bnet friend request so we can talk.

That is great. I accepted. Will reach out when I see you online.

Still looking for great people

Ranged DPS and heals are a definite need

Blood#1210 sending you a friend request. Would like to Melee DPS in raids

Hi Rinsai. I got your request and will keep an eye out for you in game. We definitely have room for a havoc DH.

Updated the class needs in the initial post

Sent a Discord request. I have recently rerolled Alliance to this server. Leveling was incredibly fast… Anywho looking for a tank raiding position. I have logs available if needed.

I sent you a discord friend request. I would love to have a conversation with you to see if I might be a good fit. I have several toons from which to choose and have been playing since 2005 (although much more casual in the last several years) and would love to get back into raiding.

Thanks for the friend requests!

Updated the class needs.

Class needs updated again. Still need a ranged dps or two, a pally healer and a shaman healer.

Sent Discord Request to talk and see about a fit.

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Still in search of a second tank and a holy paladin or a mistweaver monk!

We have had a few spots open up.

Looking for a paladin or a monk healer that is comfortable and proficient at playing a DPS offspec. This is a flex role that will actively heal and dps as needed.

Also adding three dps. I am open to any class for a player with the right attitude, but the specific class preferences are:

Balance Druid
Shadow Priest
Beastmaster Hunter
Marksman Hunter


You can add me on BNET Real ID: Eventin#1487
On Discord: Sevenfold#7482
or you can talk to me in game: Sevenfóld

Still looking for 2 ranged dps and 1 pally or monk healer :eyes:

Still looking for 1 pally or monk healer!

Still looking for 1 pally or monk healer for AOTC heroic raiding. Details above.

Still looking for a fun, experienced monk or pally for AOTC Heroic raid heals!

Updated our class/role needs list. Our raid is essentially full.

Always adding and actively seeking social players who want to be part of a fun guild that values them as much as our raiders.