[A] <Axe Merchant> Re-roll Guild for Shadowlands

[A] Axe Merchant of Hyjal

We’re starting fresh for the next expansion! Become an Axe Merchant and re-roll for Shadowlands with us. The end goal will be starting with flex raiding (Normal/Heroic) and eventually putting together a Mythic team. No previous experience required so come learn with us.

For more information, please checkout https://www.axemerchants.com and ask questions on our Discord.

Players not looking to raid are welcome to join regardless of current needs.

Current Needs - Raid Team
Our raid team is now full. If you would like to be considered for filling for raids or joining the community for Mythic+ and other activities, please join us on Discord and leave a message in #be-an-axe-merchant.

Do you like our guild but don’t want to re-roll?
That’s ok! Just understand that most of us will be leveling new characters so progression start will be delayed to allow people to catch up.

Does the community look nice but you don’t want to come to Hyjal?
That’s ok, too. Join us in our Discord and let us know you wish to be a community only member. Our “Guest Merchants” must follow the same rules as members and we’ll ask for interest in cross-realm activities before pugging to fill spots.

About The Axe Merchants

Why isn’t the guild name plural? So that in-game your guild tag looks like an npc vendor name. We thought it was cute.

Server - Hyjal

Faction - Alliance

Most Common Time Zone - Central Time (US & Canada) - UTC -06:00

When do you raid?
Normal/Heroic: Thursday and Friday - 7:00pm CST to 10:00pm CST
Mythic: TBD with interest

Guild Leader

Average Age of Members
30+ (yeah, we’re all old)

What does the core look like?
It’s a group of friends and family who all want to enjoy the content. If you like a laid back environment, you’ll fit right in.

Recruitment still open for all roles and classes!

We’re small but growing steadily! As long as you can follow our rules (posted on the guild website), we’d love to have you: new, returning, veteran, and everything in between.

We’re still looking for more

We’re still recruiting for all roles and classes.

Great group of people so far! Check us out!


We’re still growing and still recruiting! Check us out if you just want a friendly group of people to try things out with.

All roles/classes still available. We’re starting to get a good number of warriors but when you sell axes that makes sense.


Updated our recruitment post

Would I be able to join even if I didn’t fit raid times? With my schedule it’s almost impossible to find good times so I’m just looking for the guild part :stuck_out_tongue:

Managed to duplicate this, oops.

Absolutely, raiding isn’t a requirement. We’d love for you to come check us out.

We’re still recruiting all roles.

Returning Veteran here, quick question, your website states that re-rolls will start when prepatch drops. soooo… coming from Horde, if I joined as a re-roll I’d have to re-roll again to meet the criteria for the guild?

oh and how do your numbers look in the Ret and Blood DK area, I’ve mained both and trying to decide tank or dps (I’ve mained prot Pally as well).

oh and I LOVE your rules… you’ve got some old schools I like old school… I’m old school.

Just in case other people were wondering, the answer is that the reroll is optional but we do have people waiting to reroll with the pre-patch so we’ll be waiting for most everyone to catch up. We’re still open currently for all roles, but it is filling up. Glad to have you with us, Charyseis!

Updated the top post with our current needs for raid. Pretty much every class still open but we are filling out with a few.

We now have both tank spots filled for raid. Updating our needs to match.