[A] 3/10M Stardust recruiting DPS + 1 healer for Mythic CN Progression!

Stardust (Stormrage Alliance) has reformed for Shadowlands!

Our goal is steady raid progression in a fun environment - we will work through Normal and Heroic, and then will continue through as much Mythic progression as we can until the next tier. We are long-term WoW players, many of us as far back as Classic/Vanilla. Stardust raided as a guild from the start of Cata -> mid Legion (with a one tier break mid-WoD).

Raid days & times are Wed/Sun, 8:30 - 11pm EST.

If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me in-game!

Still looking for at least one more healer for our run tomorrow night!

Still looking for healers and DPS for next week’s reset!

Still looking for more for this coming week!

We are a friendly group that likes to strike that delicate balance between progression and life out of game. Come talk to us!

Just another bump for this week - we’ve had talks with a few really promising candidates, but still looking for more DPS & healers. We can potentially get you in for tonight’s raid!

If you are looking for a fun & friendly guild that tries to maintain steady progression through Normal -> Heroic -> Mythic with a relatively light schedule, while still maintaining a good balance outside of WoW, we might be the guild for you!

The team is growing and we’re starting to make some great progress! Our current need is more DPS! We could also still potentially use one more healer at this time (Priest, Monk or Druid)

DPS High Priority Needs are DH, Rogue, Warrior, Warlock, Mage. We will consider any good DPS applicant though - please get in touch!


Greetings! Are you still looking for a healer? I have a Resto Shaman that is looking for a home. :slight_smile:

Good talking to you yesterday Bearuro!

We’re really looking to build our roster out now with the remaining players we need, and we have many openings for DPS.

We’ll consider any DPS class/spec right now, please get in touch!


If u need a fire mage I’d be interested in chatting


Great, added you to bnet! I’ll try to reach out when I see you online next and we can figure out a time to talk.

Got the add!

Hello! I’m looking for an in game home with people who enjoy progression raiding and m+. I currently have a 190 boomkin, 190 bm/mm hunter, and a 192 mage. I’d love to main the druid and would love to chat about your guild and the possibility of a spot with your team. Bnet: GiGi#1168 Discord: CheryyKush#9330

Great, thanks Cherry! I added you to bnet. We do have a Moonkin druid already, but could possibly consider one more.

Still looking for more DPS, and 1 more healer (Priest, Druid or Monk)!

Are you looking for a disc or holy priest?

Yes! We would definitely be interested in a Disc or Holy Priest!

Feel free to add me to bnet (Shadizar#1464) or look for me online on Stormrage. I look forward to speaking to you!

Still looking for some Mythic-minded DPS players that are looking for a fun group with a light schedule! Classes we are very interested in:



Hi friend ! I m ilvl 191 arms warrior just want to know if you re interest! Hoping it works

Thanks for your interest Tabernak, I’ll look into it!

Updated DPS recruitment needs:


Good DPS players of any class will be considered. Thanks!


Happy Feast of Winter Veil Everyone! :slight_smile:

Updated DPS recruitment needs, 12/25/20:

High Priority - Lock, Mage, Warrior
Other - DH, Paladin, Spriest, Good DPS players of any class will be considered!

Also looking for another healer - Druid, Priest or Monk!


Your raid times are a lot more convenient than my current schedule. I hate staying up passed midnight and working 5 hours later.
I will send a contact info in game.