[A] 10/12M Late night PST guild LF a tank and DPS

Mistakes were Made on US-Proudmoore is a late night guild for adult gamers.

Raid Times:
9:30 pm to 12:00am on Mon/Wed/Thu (PST)
(12:30 am to 3:00am on Tue/Thu/Fri (EST))

Recruitment priorities:

  • 1-2 strong DPS (ranged heavily preferred).
  • A main tank.
  • Might be open to a healer.

We will consider any player who shares our sense of humor and can commit to attending most of the raids (80%+), but currently focused on the above roles to push further into mythic. Since preserving our friendly / fun / inclusive culture is the most important thing to us, we care far more about the quality and attitude of the player than their past accomplishments or the ilvl of their gear (i.e., competent jerks need not apply), but right now, we are more focused on mythic progression, so you need to be at a minimum 465+, or willing to put in the effort to catch up, without too much help from the guild.

If interested, please fill out a short application form, which can be found at https://bit.ly/apply2mwm
If we are interested in having you trial with us, you will be contacted within 2 days (often within a day).

Current Progression:
We are currently 10/12M. Both myself and my co-raid lead are CE raiders (in different guilds – yeah, we play way too much!), so we always have strats based on 1st-hand experience, which makes learning new fights a lot easier.

We provide flasks, feasts, and cover repair bills for our raid team. We don’t require pre-pots for heroic, but we do expect them for mythic (and require them for our core raiders).

A bit about us:

Our guild name recognizes that nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes from time to time. It’s not the end of the world when it happens, and we’ve played this game long enough not to get tilted over inconsequential things. We have been around since the very beginning of Legion expansion, but many of us have raided together for longer than that. We come from all walks of life and have an eclectic mix of raiding experience CE to casual, and we enjoy raiding with each other.

Our goal is semi-casual mythic progression (raiding w/out stress or sacrifice):
For non-officers, we have 2 ranks for our raid team: one that is more serious (this raid spot is always guaranteed for mythic progression, but it comes with a fairly high set of expectations on performance, mechanics, etc.) and one that is a bit more casual (expectations are more relaxed, but you may have to sit on the bench from time to time). These ranks are “opt in” for each player, so everyone can enjoy the style of raiding that suits them best (as we index more toward having fun than getting burned out).

While we prefer not to carry a large roster (not fun to sit on the bench), we currently have a somewhat overlarge roster. Spots for progression kills are performance based, whereas for re-kills, it’s largely based on gear needs of players.

While we’re not a CE guild, we do aim to clear at least half of mythic every tier, and we’ve been starting to lean a bit more toward semi-serious progression this tier as our current team is pretty strong … and we’re confident we can make it a bit farther than previous raid tiers. Since we’re still fairly casual re: mythic progression, we’re not going to do lock-outs early either. We’re not in a rush, and we’re okay over-gearing fights a bit if needed too.

Depending on how much you care about your logs, we have people who parse purple/orange all the way down to green … and we generally don’t care about that stuff (although our top parsers are always looking for new competition ^^). As long as you do mechanics properly, prepare for fights, and don’t die early to avoidable things (ahem! corruption), we’re not going to sit you b/c of your logs.


On off-nights, we’ll generally have a couple groups running keys as we’re always looking to help our casual players get their 10-12’s done for the week and making sure our core raiders get their 14/15’s done as well.

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While we’ve gotten a few good applications so far, we’re still actively recruiting. Hoping for some DPS but would consider any qualified applicants too =)

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Recruitment needs updated. Now looking for a main healer, in addition to DPS.

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We are excited to be working on the boss with 101 things that will kill you if you touch it. Hope someone brought bug spray!