8.1 Tides of Vengeance thread

(Zunde) #129

Yeah i opened one myself yesterday with a snarky air since i don’t like the paragon system all that much and was honestly surprised i got about the same.

(Zenrao) #130

This was me when I said I was worried they were literally phasing out the Horde. Like “Guys, maybe they’re just getting rid of the entire faction :laughing: hahaha! Ha! Haha… heh… :neutral_face: hehhhh…”


yo so why did elune braid tyrandes hair really fast

(Tendalel) #132

Still haven’t found the first clue yet, but we’re cooperating with the Lady Chaton people to investigate a possible lead in Suramar.


I feel sort of bad for Maiev’s actress, just listening to her gives me a sore throat

(Zunde) #134

It does sound painful i tried talking like that and it’s mildly uncomfortable.

(Ellivara) #135

Oof. Yeah, just a few clips from her and my throat already hurts a bit. I feel a bit guilty for never having my sound on, now.

(Zunde) #136

I only ever turn my sound on for the first run through of new content so don’t feel bad.

(Ellivara) #137

Pretty much, yeah. At least until I get bored and decide, you know what’s more interesting to listen to? Literally anything else.

Which isn’t a dig at WoW’s audio, music or voice actors. I just focus better on games when I’m multi-tasking. Listening to music, watching movies, roleplaying. Literally anything helps me focus better than listening to the game itself.

(Azhaar) #138

I’m actually a bit worried about her; Maiev’s voice is a lot raspier than it used to be, and I thought I recalled hearing that Maiev’s absence from the last act of Legion was due to the VA having throat-related medical issues.

The character used to be just throaty; now she sounds like Batman.

(Windcharger) #139

I haven’t had WoW’s sound on since mid-Vanilla. I almost always have music or a show playing as background noise instead.

(Ellivara) #140

Podcasts are godsends. I remember how much more Stardew Valley I played when I started listening to LDO while playing. Went from playing 30 minute bursts to playing all night. I had 40 hours into one save file before I stopped. So much easier to focus with the background noise and something to laugh at.


I love these warden hoofie shoes but nothing matches them and i don’t really wanna do the warfront again

(Anyaka) #142

Dude, I got to tank Sira as a deer man, and that alone was so much fun I may have forgiven a lot of things for it.

A monk literally rode on my back the whole time.

My only regret is that I had to turn back to normal.

I’m really glad there’s a warfront mount for currency, because my plan was to just ignore the rares until my mount collecting heart went “ARGH” and I go on another year long binge of trying to collect all the ponies. But that does mean I’ll have to do warfronts, and even -sigh- Arathi.

(Windcharger) #143

The bright yellow/purple doesn’t really match any other Mail I can get my hands on, which is annoying. There’s a much milder grey/silver/brown version, but I think it’s the PvP set which I assume won’t be available until s2 opens next month.

(Opherial) #144

She had throat surgery during Legion, I believe. Kudos to her for jumping right back into it, but I don’t know if Rockchewer Shadowsong is the voice role I would have gone back to after that.

(Enekie) #145

Because Elune isn’t going to let her avatar run around not looking fabulous.

(Zunde) #146

I had a feeling that blowing my entire stash of gold on Jumpy boy mounts was a bad idea and that i should have only bought 1-2 and let my cash regenerate a little and god damn was i proven right and should have listened.

(Sef) #147

I finally got on and hit a bug in the horde war campaign (missing quest giver), so I logged out on a snowy mountain as a DK from the silver hand and pally from MG argued about casuals and making gold.

(Stalairne) #148

man the warfront really is a step up from arathi, i especially love the dynamic entrance cinematic

sira calling the horde ‘The Forces of Death’ is… something