8.1 Tides of Vengeance thread

(Versca) #107

So if I never accept the quest from this owl does that mean it’ll follow me around for the rest of my life?

(Solafina) #108

Does Blizzard expect me to believe that Shandris Feathermoon needs an explanation of what the Night Warrior is?

(Ariiah) #109

I personally got the feeeling that the Night Warrior was a largely obscure facet among most Night Elves who worshipped her. Maybe a closely guarded thing. But then again, I could swear the Night Warrior had been brought up before BfA…?

(Ursuola) #110

Lots of video game writers (read: the executives telling the writers what to do) are deathly afraid that the audience won’t get things.

One would’ve thought Star Wars would’ve taught us differently, but I guess not.

(Sarestha) #111

I believe Elune had been referred to as the “Night Warrior” as one of her names. The exact nature of that name was only revealed recently, in that it represents one particular part of her nature. At least, that’s my understanding of it.

(Solafina) #112

It was, plus even if it was obscure, this is Shandris Feathermoon. I’d think the general of the Sentinel army would have a reason to know about the obscure ways her people might acknowledge Elune.

That whole thing would have been better if they’d just been explaining it to us ~champions~.

(Mellee) #113

Screenshots Intensify

(Zenrao) #114

frantically duct tapes cracks in WoW, slower than they’re spreading

Blizzard, I want to be on your side, but-

cracks spread faster


(Enrik) #115

Oh good, I’m no longer silenced.

The only people who can fix this wreck is Blizzard.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt on the verge of tears about this game before now, but that’s how badly the loss of Cross RP feels to me.

Strange. Very strange.

(Enekie) #116

I just did an incursion.

That, uh, really isn’t much, is it?

(Vanforth) #117

Terribly underwhelming. That said, it has been great fun farming Horde kills with a nearly full raid group all day - I do have to admit I had fun there.

(Enekie) #118

To me, that just seems like more evidence of the silliness of War Mode. Once the bonus dries up, everyone will leave. Turning PvP into an efficiency-race feels like turning into yet another PvE event.

(Vanforth) #119

I don’t deny that it’s silly; Blizzard has missed every chance to appropriately render a fix for faction imbalance - they just really don’t care enough. Doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy every opportunity we get to strike back after months of being ganked and griefed relentlessly.

(Azhaar) #120

Me and my tinfoil hat are legitimately starting to worry they’re trying to do to WoW itself what they did to the demonology warlock spec before introducing demon hunters.

How does a company this big, with a history of games this good, screw up this hard for this long if it’s not on purpose?

(Ellivara) #121

I’d recommend looking at companies like Bioware for answers on that. It’s not a deliberate attempt to -ruin- the company, it’s just a complete lack of interest in the well-being in the company combined with an obsession with making as much money as quickly as possible, screw anything else.

(Enekie) #122

I don’t think we need to look that deep into conspiracy territory. Everything we’re seeing in BfA, we’ve seen before.

Adherence to the same tired story tropes of Horde being fun and evil, Alliance good and useless? We saw that in Mists of Pandaria.

Massive overcorrection of previously perceived flaws so that the corrections become entirely new flaws? Cataclysm’s dungeons.

Rigid implementation of previous systems watered down to create a “streamlined” experience? Remember Warlords of Draenor turning daily quests into…whatever the heck it turned out to be.

And then you can mix that up with a healthy dose of developer ego and we’ve got this mess.

I suppose I’m less worried because this is all observable phenomena that we’ve seen before. The difference is that BfA is kind of a perfect storm of anti-innovation where all of Blizzard’s bad habits are coming back at the same time, a coop of especially bland chickens coming home to roost.

I don’t think they’re sunsetting the game. I don’t even think BfA will kill WoW. I do think that the ceiling for maximum subscribers has been lowered dramatically. We’re probably going to see WoW descend to 1 million subscribers and never rise above that again.

(Azhaar) #123

I was about 70% kidding, and the other 30% is just general nerves over how bad the game is right now compounded by the recent shutdown of an MMO I loved. It is a pretty wild idea, one I can’t consciously take seriously even if it does keep popping up in my mind with every new thing I encounter from Blizzard lately.

This is likely the case, however.

I will say this: there’s basically no game out there that has the sheer depth and volume of content that WoW does. Even when it finally goes into maintenance mode, it’ll probably be a smarter decision for Blizzard to just keep it running indefinitely. There’s enough there to coast on the established brand and veteran players more or less forever.

And with that, this whole WoW Classic and retooled WC3 start to make more sense to me. Blizzard’s new moves aren’t impressing anybody recently, but buckling down on player nostalgia is probably a solid bet for them.

(Windcharger) #124

Ugh I just realized that this character hasn’t done the new War Campaign stuff because I have to catch up from early on. I need a Skip to Live button like a DVR

(Opherial) #125

Got my first resource cache from hitting Paragon. 7th Legion thanks to the War Campaign line.

  • 4426g 68s 58c
  • 20 7th Legion Service Medals
  • 500 War Resources
  • 2,500 Azerite

Looks like I’m doing WQs again.

(Windcharger) #127

Wow, that is an incredibly generous reward. I’m not even being snarky, that’s honestly a lot.