8.1 Tides of Vengeance thread

(Enekie) #1

We went through something like six threads talking about this before. What are your thoughts now that it’s out?

(Ursuola) #2

Delaryn and Sira: are literally fighting the avatar of Elune’s vengeance
Delaryn and Sira: “elune has abandoned us!!! D:<”

(Zandrae) #3

Time to log in and listen to Lor’themar talk about Sylvans. I would rather learn about Lor’themar and Hauldron and stuff.

(Zenrao) #4

I have a demon hunter who’s loyal to Silvermoon and trying to be a good guy, so I’m excited to use the red and gold blindfold, the heritage armor, and two elven swords on him. Should be a very nice Burning Crusade throwback. Also I have a mountain king character concept that I may go through with now that A. Protection warriors don’t suck, and B. dwarves have heritage armor literally based off the WC3 unit.

Other than being excited for those two things, I haven’t formed an opinion yet :thinking: but honestly I’ve thought that Tides of Vengeance already seems like more work went into it than a normal patch, which I appreciate.

(Karmas) #5

Staring at the horde quest mob which is bugged and can’t be reset because when you finally convince people to move away to reset her someone else phases in and immediately tunnel visions the mob.

Also - I had 0 desire to respond to Tyrande’s owl call so I guess I have a new owl.



Nathanos commenting on how quickly the risen dark rangers turned on Elune took the wind out of my sails.

(Zenrao) #6

Isn’t it better that they canonically address it? Or you don’t think so?

(Versca) #7

I probably won’t be able to play until Thursday or Friday night womp womp wommmmmp

(Karmas) #8

Solid. Meh.

(Zenrao) #9

I wasn’t being snarky either! I know it’s hard to tell with me. But no I haven’t gotten to it yet so I was honestly wondering if you felt like it made it better.

In my mind, that’s better than just ignoring how crazy that is, but also the ideal thing would be to like… not have them lose all sense of self awareness, but still be touted as free willed.

(Khin) #10

I was gonna post a pic of how good my elf looks now but apparently I’m now allowed to link anything at all here for some reason in particular?

(Opherial) #11

Delaryn Summermoon is just a generic mini-mook during the final push of the new Warfront. Any hope that she was going to Godfrey 2: Sylvanas Brainsplatter Boogaloo is dead.

After stomping through the Warfront and seeing that Darkshore is about 75% deforested, cracked open worse than Deathwing did, and everything not torn down is either dead, grey and dying, or blighted has nuked-from-orbit my desire to play my Hordies until we’re confirmed Sylvanas head-on-a-plate-scenario.

The above, Baine just quietly listening to Derek scream and plead for answers and just mutter about how the Horde brand is getting bad P.R. and then walking away like a sociopath has me convinced the Tauren are the true evil of the Horde with how many blind eyes they’re turning

I’m petitioning Anduin to have Taurajo rebuilt and repopulated so I can burn it again.

Warfront is super cool for the Alliance though. Really captured the RTS feel of Warcraft 3 and you have to respond more readily than Arathi did.

My meat wagon is awesome and when I’m a dwarf DK in a few hours I’m claiming that he just stole the one his body was transported in. :smiley:

The Blood Elf Heritage armor questline felt more like a heritage of Arthas and Sylvanas thing than a celebration of their people. Haven’t done Dorf one yet.

Blood DK nerfs changed approximately nothing. Guardian and Prot Warrior still feel janky and dull. Not sure yet if we’re in press F for Brewmaster territory.

(Ursuola) #12

I won’t lie, the image of Sira Moonwarden, tragically slain night elf fallen to despair against her former friends, making her final stand atop the gaudy, diesel-powered, urine-yellow-lit, pink-lawn-flamingo-aesthetic goblin barge had me cackling.

(Opherial) #13

“It’s not a phase, MOM, these are my REAL FRIENDS.”

(Serph) #14

I have not even installed it yet and early word is not inspiring me to.

(Azhaar) #16

I am only not disappointed because I had no expectations.

The new warfront is more fun than the last one. I like the new armor. Leveling my alts should be smoother now.

I wanted to say more positive things but turns out that’s all I got.

(Sarestha) #17

I thought we couldn’t unlock the Derek stuff yet. Did I miss something?

(Zunde) #18

I got a fluffy raptor babu.

Sits in the corner playing with dinosaur babu’s as the world burns around him

(Sef) #19

I’ll be home tomorrow so I can catch up on this for a short bit. I read that Horde has the warfront first?? I’m hyped to farm some new rares but that’s about it atm.

(Anyaka) #20

I actually had fun. Sure, the quick turn of the night elf dark rangers is still odd, and a few details just push the Horde into stupid degrees of jerkery… But the actual scenario was pretty good, and knowing how bad it was at the outset, I really appreciate how much they fixed. I liked the music, seeing all the night elf stuff… And I LOVE that Ashenvale is mentioned, even in the passing, as where the night elves are safe to land and as a front, because that makes Anyaka being holed up there for the last few months less silly.

I liked the warfront. It was actually fun, unlike Arathi.

…I wish I could comment on the dwarf heritage armor, but for some reason the quest isn’t triggering for me. Level 120, exalted with Ironforge, in Ironforge, genuine dwarf hunter. Nada. DANGIT BLIZZ I HAVE LITERALLY HAD THIS DWARF SINCE BC WHAT AM I DOING WRONG

(Ursuola) #21

It’s morally grey to use prisoners as target practice, actually. Sorry, I guess we forgot to send you the memo.