8.1 Tides of Vengeance thread

(Enekie) #149

The “Forces of Death” line cracked me up. It’s like Blizzard is testing the limits of how far the mental gymnastics will go to defend Sylvanas.

The next patch will feature a quest to fire orphaned kittens out of a blight thrower while screaming “FOR TAURAJO!”

(Opherial) #150

Remember, remember, the skinning trainer, so tender.

Remember our sacred nomadic tent city that stood proud for generation.

Remember our lands, lush and fertile except for most of them.

We shu’halo will have our revenge.

(Enekie) #151

Remember that one Quilboar who was in a cage and if you brought him junk he would give you a meaningless 10 minute buff.

We, the Horde who put him in that cage, shall avenge him.

(Stalairne) #152

I reread this like three times cause I thought it was supposed to rhyme

(Opherial) #153

It started off as a poem but ended up being way more effort for dookposting than I was willing to put in, sorry dude.

(Enekie) #154

There once was a Warchief quite borin’
Whose cliched motivation sent us snorin’
An elf hurt her feelings,
So she sent Azeroth reeling,
But it’s okay because Alliance were mean to some Tauren.

(Azhaar) #155

Limericks need to scan as well as rhyme you philistine

(Opherial) #156

There once was an elf-chief that’s quite dead,
Got pointless warfare stuck in her head.
Blizz said “But is that true?”
“We can still surprise you.”
Oh wait, she’s just evil instead.

(Azhaar) #157

Scuze me while I upvote this on all my alts.

Edit: Well, a few alts. That’s a lot of tedious clicking and I’ve got stuff to do today.

(Tendalel) #158

Still haven’t found that first clue yet. BUT. There is a door in Suramar city that’s barred by four colored beams.

We’re on to something here, folks!

(Zunde) #159

I wonder if the Blood serpent mount will ever be connected to anything.

When i collected all the Abyssal fragments and summoned the boss and got the mount i also looted a second item that had some odd flavor text like “Consume to attune yourself to the shadows.”

Aether of the abyss - Use:Absorb the Aether of the Abyss

“An imponderable power radiates from the aether, compelling you to absorb its energy.”

(Zunde) #160

What i’m saying is i beat up a tentacle cult monster and ate the magical energy source it crapped out.

(Arkturas) #161

You fool.

(Taldorr) #162

Oh look, one of my posts got deleted earlier, lol.

(Raynell) #163

Dude, it’s so great. I’ve found the new game mode to be exciting and challenging in all the right ways, and I’ve been playing around with Simon Belmont and he’s definitely my new favo-

Oh, wait, 8.1?

Uhhh…yeah. Got that shiny Belf armor…that everyone and their mother is wearing. Darkshore…meh.

…but seriously though, SIMON BELMONT.

(Azhaar) #164

I spent so many years as a belf main that it actually gave me a moment of vertigo to realize that I don’t have a blood elf character at max level, and haven’t for two expansions now.

All my slots on Wyrmrest are full; I’d have to go elsewhere to level one. Which ain’t happening in the near future. Ah, well, at least that means if I ever get around to it the novelty will have worn off a bit and not everybody will be wearing the armor.

My dwarf just moved to the top of my To Be Leveled list, though.

(Borgg) #165

Well the Horde has just started a war,
Doing things that the Alli abhor.
Our war chief is crazy,
The writing is lazy-
…it feels like we’ve been here before.

(Opherial) #166

Just did the Incursion in Drustvar. Orcs happily lobbing plague bombs down makes my old inner Orc warrior mourn.

(Zandrae) #167

These limericks are top notch.

(Zunde) #168

I only know one Limerick and if i posted it here i’d be banned.