8.1 Tides of Vengeance thread

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Can you link it here when it goes up?

(Enrik) #64

If I’m awake, I intend to.


That is the URL for the CrossRP Discord.

Join it and you’ll be notified when Blue posts the thread.

EDIT: I can’t post URLs because I’m a piece of sh*t mongrel who isn’t trusted enough. There you go, though.

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Understood, thanks. I’ll make sure the word gets out where I can.

(Zandrae) #68

This. So much this.

People logging for harassment can already happen elsewhere. You know. Because Blizzard ignores are not mutual.

(Tendalel) #69

Besides trying out the new Island Expedition reward system (I got a mount on my second try, holy crap, the system works!), I haven’t done much besides lurk in the secrets discord, trying to figure out how to turn myself into a giant floating brain.

(Sarestha) #70

Saraspiel Part 2!

I have now done… the Alliance side!

War Campaign:

  • Alliance, you turned a very charming, courteous and polite gorilla into a crazy killing monster. I found it probably way more tragic than I should have. I’m putting this right next to Taurajo on the list of evil things the Alliance has done. How could you?!? :frowning:
  • Jaina is amazing.
  • Jaina’s family is amazing.
  • Kul Tirans don’t look at explosions. Just the way it should be. :sunglasses:
  • I really like Umbric a lot, for some reason. He feels like the ideological successor of Prince Kael’thas… but one who won’t defect to the enemy for higher power. Hopefully. His role was fairly minor, but I just find myself really liking him… and the void elves in general. They may have been an asspull at the end of Legion, but they’ve made up for it since.
  • The traps and stuff in the Zandalar vaults reminded me a lot of old Mogu tombs, which gave me some really positive MoP vibes. I liked that.


^ I would’ve preferred this. But… eh. It was okay. Losing faith in Elune made some degree of sense.

  • For the first time since Warcraft 3, I feel like we have the strong, independent Tyrande back. I was SO happy when she disobeyed Anduin, and did what was right for herself and her people.
  • I really like that Maiev in particular is a bit dubious about the Alliance. After all, Anduin’s logic, while it makes sense, does leave the loyal Kaldorei allies a bit… forsaken, I guess.
  • Genn… I’m not sure if your primary motivation to help the Night Elves was a sense of indebtedness towards them… or a fear that your wife will lead the army without you. But I love you anyway.
  • I’m still not a total fan of the Forsaken Night Elves… but Sira’s ‘defection’ makes a BIT more sense, given that she has zero faith in Tyrande or Elune right now. It still stretches logic to join your people’s primary murderer… but… It’s not AS sudden as I thought.
  • Why the heck did Tyrande nuke EVERY undead in that camp, EXCEPT Deathstalker Commander Belmont? Don’t get me wrong, Belmont, I’m happy to see you again. But… that was a pretty blatant plot setup. Someone’s gonna save your butt, and then you get to be ANGERY at the WICKED Alliance. It felt a bit forced.

In short, I had fun! I’m not sure which I prefer, out of Alliance and Horde. I enjoyed both of them quite a lot. Looking forward to what’s next! :smiley:

(Azhaar) #71


Ten characters of plot.

(Sarestha) #72

He’s a named NPC with a voice actor. Therefore he is truly immortal.

(Azhaar) #73

Like Rhonin?

(Sarestha) #74

Rhonin died in a book. To the universal regret of everyone ever, he was NOT righteously smote from above, while making his speech about Algalon the Observer.

(Ariiah) #75

Ariiah steps up onto the stage, tapping the mic.

Is this thing on? There’s a loud, gods-awful screech.

Tap. Tap.

AHem! OKay …where’s the …

She flicks through some pages… a script? She finds what she’s looking for after a minute.

Oh there we go!

Citizens of Dalaran! Raise your eyes to the skies and obs-

She is promptly shot dead by a distant sniper.

(Bruticus) #76

Alliance War Campaign was okay, I suppose. It was nice to see Tyrande taking charge and knocking heads instead of riding in circles screaming WHERE IS MY BELOVEEEEED. She even told Malfurion to back down and listen multiple times.

Warfront’s not bad. It feels more compact than Arathi and once people figure out exactly how it flows (and stops lagging to hell and back) I think it’ll go much quicker. The mail gear is pretty nice, looking forward to collecting that.

Marksmanship Hunter feels much better than I had thought. The heavy reliance on one trait to turn you into a Steady Shot machine gun is gone, and Rapid Fire is part of the actual rotation again instead of, you know, not even on my hotbar.

I spent yesterday doing new level cap stuff, but I’ll probably give the leveling changes a go tonight, maybe try out Islands again, too.

I can’t say I’m super invested in anything, but from a gameplay standpoint I think things are starting to get better. I don’t expect big, sweeping changes for the better but I at least don’t feel like I’m wasting my time outside of raiding anymore.

(Opherial) #77

Doing the Night Warrior scenario now, as Belmont rasps that he has a forest to blight and looking around at all the dead and dying trees and withering resources I just think to myself “Man, didn’t the orcs just gladly start a war over lumber and farmland?”

Then an entire squadron of them ran into Shandris’ barrage and I laughed.

(Vanforth) #78

I’m really only here for the story anymore, and what little faith I had remaining in this game, that BFA’s launch didn’t kill, was just nuked from orbit by 8.1.

None of the story points make much sense, the character’s motivations fall flat, and as a result of these issues, there’s no desire for me to even see out the Horde story because it’s only going to further crush any interest in this game. Part of the issue I see, too, is that the Alliance/Horde don’t see the other faction’s actions reflected at all.

Alliance quests talk about an attack at Norwington Place, and yet there’s been absolutely no further mention of what happened, etc. And that’s all over the place across this war campaign; we’re back at the ‘show don’t tell’ phase of things with Blizzard.

Blizzard stopped bothering trying to explain or justify their lore decisions and it all ring really hollow at this point, and tbh we’ve beaten the dark ranger/Sira/Delaryn arguments into the ground, so I won’t rehash them, but there is absolutely zero logic or sensibility to the narrative path in Darkshore; it just feels like Blizzard wanted to kick Night Elves in the nuts one last time while running at full speed.

So - TL;DR - 8.1 is a dumpster fire on wheels, rolling at high speed towards an house full of Teldrassil orphans.

(Ellivara) #79

I haven’t experienced any of it yet and tbh, with what I’m hearing I… don’t really want to level so I -can- experience it. The only reason I’m still subbed is so I can keep enjoying the forums - I know you can post with unsubbed characters, but we all know that that’s not going to last. Kind of sad, really.

(Lyzettie) #80

honestly, if you’re getting your opinions from the forums you’re always going to be disappointed

we live to whine here, regardless of content

(Ellivara) #81

Edited for sake of chill.

(Banrok) #82

You get the quest at the Storm wind embassy

(Bruticus) #83

Oh, I did the Dwarf armor quest, too. Super boring, lots of back-and-forth including having to make my own way to Ulduar (thankfully I still had my Legion Dalaran Hearthstone). Armor looks fantastic but what a slog of a questline.

(Lyzettie) #84

yeah sure it’s a wet fart but is the story the only thing you play wow for?