8.1 Tides of Vengeance thread

(Jakkø) #85

Honestly, I stopped playing for the story a while ago.

That’s the nice thing about RP. If the game’s story becomes not good, you’ve still got your own stories to make up for it.

(Tendalel) #86

Still looking for that first clue.

It’s DEFINITELY not in AQ40

We think.

(Fortea) #87

Imagine playing WoW for its gameplay.

this meme was made by the RP Gang

(Anyaka) #88

Banrok. I love you. I was tearing my hair out metaphorically over that.

(Ellivara) #89

The only other thing I have any interest in WoW for is RP and it’s easier for me to do that over Discord. The gameplay isn’t especially enticing, the questing from 110-120 is good, but I just don’t care about the game enough to do it.

So, yes. The story was the only thing I physically played WoW for. Everything else? Doesn’t require a sub.

(Vanforth) #90

Why would I want to play the game content where players harass, grief, and troll each other as if it’s the only thing worth doing? Raiding got stale for me back in Cata; PVP can occasionally be fun, but really WPVP is all I’d have an interest in, and even that has died out.

The questing is okay, but there’s nothing really engaging about WoW. It’s a repetitive grind that has no payoff in the end except having a shiny achievement which (bubble burster here) everyone else gets as well. I play games for the same reason I read books, or watch movies - to find engaging and entertaining stories. I spend most of my time RPing in game for that reason, and with that - we get stories that no one else ever will.

Blizzard has a fantastic universe for us, but it’s underutilized, and the way they treat that story (especially for this expansion) has really made me rethink my $15; and this is coming from someone who has been playing since launch.

(Enekie) #91

Having had time to play it more, I echo the “solid meh” sentiment.

It’s…not bad? But the fundamental problem is that it’s trying to expand on broken systems rather than just fixing them.

Island Expeditions are same as they always are. Warfronts are identical. Horde still evil and has plot armor. Alliance still hold advantage and inexplicably lose.

While it’s better than the content in 8.0, it doesn’t give me much hope for the future. In the face of staggering criticism, massive subscriber discontent and plummeting subscriptions, the best Blizzard could do is…this.

(Rudaba) #92

Honestly, I have only two complaints about this patch:

First off, Communities need more features, and I’m still pissy none of the devs are talking about that. I want to be able to kick inactive members and view alts so I don’t kick them accidentally.

Second, and most importantly: THIS PATCH IS TO FREAKING BUGGY.

Almost every class had problematic bugs, and some - like Rogues - have major ones. Many cosmetic items are bugged right now as well. Ghuun bugged three times the other night, two of which were visual bugs nobody encountered prior to this patch. Plus, lots of the new quests are heavily bugged, and the new sanguicel food recipe is apparently bugged, too.

Even after disabling all addons, my UI is constantly buggy. I often don’t see my combo points after entering new areas and have to reload the UI to see them.

This is a frightening trend from Blizzard. They’ve been dropping the ball a lot lately, and for such an abnormally long test period for this patch, there are far too many game breaking bugs. I haven’t seen a patch this buggy since BC.

Those are really my only complaints, but those bugs are a major problem.

(Karmas) #93

Disabling addons is probably not enough. I should break out the pc I used ten years ago to run BC I guess too, you know, to eliminate the variables.

(Marsoor) #94

So after doing the War Campaigns for both factions I think that Blizzard intended for the Horde one to be done first as the Alliance one takes place after Rexxar and that one sad Forsaken guy attack the Northington estate and just stomp all over the Lightforged Draenei defenders there without anything but axes against the Warframes and the Elite Northington Guard. The Misadventures of Gallywix was pretty fun and his monologue on wondering (but not really) if he should have ever told Sylvanas about azerite was mildly funny.

Also I demand Gorilla Grong gets a memorial in the Stormwind park for his status as a true Alliance hero. The Alliance War Campaign is so far probably more entertaining than the Horde one.

(Ursuola) #95

Glad to see the “draenei aren’t allowed to be cool or competent” mentality is still intact.

Also, for as good as the Enhancement buffs seemed, I only noticed a marginal buff during raid, and the spec is just as much of a casino as it has been since Antorus.

I’m not happy.

(Zunde) #97

I ran the darkshore rares on 8 120s and only got 2 pets and a toy.

I am displeased.

(Opherial) #98

The Warmode changes are ridiculous. Did almost a full tour of Zandalar and almost every Horde settlement we came across was swamped with Alliance. I half expected if I climbed the stairs of Dazar’alor I’d find Anduin sitting on the throne. “Oh, hello Champion.”

We are definitely benefiting from the fact the population imbalance is apparently by region and not shard.

(Azhaar) #99

So far the main contributions of 8.1 seem to be:

  • Pandaria portals removed.

  • Account-wide battle pet dailies around Stormwind removed.

  • CrossRP disabled.

This is officially the anti-fun patch.

(Zunde) #100

The battle pet daily’s are a bug and they’re looking into it.

Or so they say.

(Azhaar) #101

Oh, good. I am 5% less grouchy then.

(Marsoor) #102

i will say the darkshore warfront is waaaay more engaging than Arathi (ignoring the weird sira moonwarden stuff)

it’s fun getting saved from an overwhelming wave of horde by some dude who got the magic dryad powerup and starts mowing down everything alone

(Zunde) #103

I sat in the base and just built stuff since the passive resource generation was really fast.

I was building the big tree and noticed everyone on my team was hanging out in the middle of the water then we won and i took a nap

(Nakhu) #104

My experience thus far:

Still hate the Horde story.

Still hate being in the vicinity of Nathanos. I hope he gets his deader junk caught in his deader zipper.

Did the Incursion thing they added to get a gear upgrade. I’m an Arms warrior with loot set to Arms loot…I got a shield.

(Ariiah) #105


To think I was just telling a friend yesterday that it was like they were coming up with new ways to slowly turn me further and further from the game. I’m starting to realize that playing so closely to the story in terms of RP and game enjoyment in general is actually hindering my desire to play half the time. Not even WoD burned me like this …I’ve never felt like this about WoW, not since …like, Wrath, back when I was -terrible- at leveling? BUt even then I still played, I just struggled to stick with a main…

Bloody hell Blizzard. What are you guys doing over there?