8.1 Tides of Vengeance thread

(Enrik) #42

Looks like Blizzard killed the CrossRP add-on.

Time to un-sub.

(Zenrao) #43

Yeah, just found this out, and I’m legitimately sickened. They just bent my entire guild over a barrel.

Back to using our bnet community for RP, it seems.

(Enrik) #44

The add-on developer is going to be posting a forum thread. Once he drops it in the CrossRP Discord I’m going to spread it to the various cross-faction Discords I’m currently a part of.

I recommend anyone who enjoys this add-on to do the same.

It’s unlikely Blizzard gives a single F*CK about their playerbase, but it’s better than doing nothing.

And yes, Blizzard, I am going to circumvent your stupid F*CKING filter.

(Zenrao) #45

A petition? If so, I’ll keep my eyes open. They may listen, they may not, either way, I’m not just going to accept this and move on.

(Ursuola) #46

For what it’s worth, they like…sometimes at least pretend to have our backs? The whole reason sharding is disabled for legacy zones on RP realms is because of the troubles it was giving Tournament of Ages.

Maybe we just have to complain enough.

(Azhaar) #47

What a stupid, pointless, malicious thing to do.

Just blithely taking away a function that harmed nothing and a lot of people enjoyed.

This whole thing about doubling down on faction conflict and barriers is so screamingly insane to begin with. It’s been clear for several years that MMO players prefer loosened faction barriers and the ability to talk and work with people in other factions, this has held out across every game I’m aware of. MMOs in general are much less popular than they used to be. This is an exceptionally bad time for developers to double down on exactly what their customers don’t want.

(Zatiya) #48

Wait, there’s a CrossRP discord? :open_mouth:

(Enrik) #49

I posted a link to it in the Waylight Outreach Discord.

(Zenrao) #50

If people can stay civil, but firm, there are enough people this is important to, to make a difference. I know it’s easy to be jaded and dismiss Blizzard as ignoring us, and maybe sometimes they do.

That’s why this time, we need to make sure they can’t. This time, they have crossed a line.

puts on Braveheart facepaint

This time, we will not wait and see. We will not be told what we want. We will not be told we simply don’t understand. FOR ARPEEEEEEEEEE!

(Sarestha) #51

If a thread goes up I swear I’m liking it on every one of my toons.

Cross RP is the best RP addon in WoW history, and I’ll be damned if I’ll sit around smiling when they break the addon for no good reason. :frowning:

(Azhaar) #52

Just to be the voice of charity here, was there maybe a good reason and this wasn’t targeted at CrossRP specifically? Like, could there be some kind of security issue with addons pulling from battle.net communities? I don’t know enough about programming to even guess at the particulars.

(Zenrao) #53

I’m REALLY hoping this is an unintended side effect of something like this. They had to stop a different addon, and CrossRP got caught in that change. In which case, we may be able to make a case for allowing us to continue having fun :frowning:

I think this is a decent possibility, considering that I keep my ear to the ground about this kind of stuff, and I’ve yet to hear about anything negative, for anyone, coming about from CrossRP’s existence.

(Enrik) #54

According to Blue, the add-on creator, there’s a possibility they protected Community messages in order to make sure users could not pull from recorded logs that CrossRP and similar add-ons create.

Whether that’s the actual reason or not is unclear. CrossRP is the only add-on that utilized Community functionality, however, so it’s targeted one way or another.

(Sarestha) #55

This is my hope too. It’s likely this was an accidental issue, and we may be able to petition blizz to let us have it back.

(Zenrao) #56

But why? I mean it’d be weird, but what damage would doing that cause? It’s clearly stated everywhere that people can see your RP in the form of that log.

Edit: I’m not actually asking you, per se. It’s more of a rhetorical, directed at Blizzard. I just don’t understand what they’re trying to prevent. If they’re preventing people pulling RP logs, then what does that prevent?

(Fortea) #57

Blizzard isn’t writing the Light to be the bad guys of “Everything must conform to me” because they’re incompetent.

It’s self-insertion.

(Zenrao) #59

Yeah this would be absolutely absurd, considering the direct forms of harassment they more-or-less allow. Removing this to stop harassment, while not taking actual harassment-related issues seriously, is absolutely silly.

(Ursuola) #60

I can log chat right now, though. There are multiple addons to do it. The one I use has existed since Cata.

If logging is their issue, then I have bad news for them.

(Fortea) #61

Can’t have harassment if you don’t have players. :joy:

(Enrik) #62

Threads are going up in GD about CrossRP.

Do not support them.

Only the thread being written by the add-on creator themselves should be supported because it will be constructive and we need AS MUCH ATTENTION AS POSSIBLE to a single thread that clearly outlines the issue.