5.2Ghz 10900k + 3090 Raytracing 4K / 5k series ryzen

Anyone interested in 10900k@5.2ghz/3090 at 4K raytracing perf, there a link below.

Flying around - 60fps - 80fps avg
Ashran PVP - 30fps - 40fps avg

As it can be at the 1:53 mark all 20 cores are loaded. The engine is scaling with more cores in large scale PVP the newest build.

Per the user he gets about 40% more perf with RT off across the board.


From random users we’re hearing about 25% more perf on a Ryzen 5K but that wasn’t as intensive a test as the one above and without RT. We’ll have to get more info from Ryzen 5K before we determine how much perf delta there would be.


It’s really hard to notice anything difference with Ray tracing other than Extra shadows which kills your preforamnce by -50 fps.

Also same goes for 4k even if you are using 4k monitor you won’t notice a huge gains other than Smoother edges and sharper looking grass, the rest is the same.

WoW is really the only game that doesn’t matter 4k or normal resolution. At least for me.

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Will Rage mode matter for WoW?

Rage mode appears to just be a factory OC setting. Probably will help a tiny bit but nothing groundbreaking.

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" rage mode" is pretty much Intel at the moment which is a good thing because I hope it actually causes them to restructure their company and become more Innovative like they used to be in the old days and they are going to have to take on AMD who has essentially become the new Intel

I was upset at first that I couldn’t get a Ryzen 9 5900x and I had to buy a i9 10900k instead. However after having it a while and overclocking it to 5.3 it’s starting to grow on me. Being able to run 4400mhz Ram flawlessly without needing to worry about a 1:1 ratio is great.

It kind of upset me at first that I couldnt get one but I’m starting to really like this processor. It’s no doubt that AMD is better however when overclocked and paired with the right Ram this one is just as good if you ignore the power consumption :scream:

It’s okay though I’ll make the switch to AMD when they release AM5 socket “Zen4”.

The 10900k is still a damn fine processor. Won’t lie, I’ve been tempted to get one, but I’m in no hurry to upgrade. Just means I can spend more on the family for Christmas. My present will come in Q1. :smiley:

I’ll probably hold out until DDR5


I tried ray tracing on my 3080. It tanks a lot of performance. I had to turn it off.

Just got my new Ryzen 9 5900X. Definitely got around 20% more FPS. Like I said earlier on other thread, WoW loves single thread or IPC more than more cores.

First gen DDR5 very unlikely faster than latest DDR4. Happens on previous DDR updates for new generation of CPUs.

I won’t be touching upgrades until at least 2 generations.


Right but at least at that point it will be around 2022 and some bigger gains will be available across the board


Depends what you are after in Q1? My money is on end of Q1 start of Q2 for AMD stock to return. When I say return I mean readily available so you can just hop on Amazon or Best Buy and get it whenever you want it. No more watching restock pages. Q1 for the new intel sure. Like I said depends on what you are waiting on :man_shrugging:

I was going to get the 10850k but the 10900k was on sale at a local store for 460$ so it was a no brainer

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Depends on the monitor too. My 4K Predator XB271HK monitor is nice. My 4K LG 27UD68P has even better image quality. On my old Samsung 4K the image quality was in between the Predator and my LG. None of them are anything to complain about.

I like my 10700 so much I’m probably going to keep it for gaming and get a 5950x for a new server. I’ll test out WoW on the 5950X but I don’t care about 150fps on 10th gen Intel vs the supposed 200fps on 5K Ryzen. My monitors can’t hit those frames so it doesn’t matter. Blizz also has problems in large scale PVP so the better mins in Ryzens won’t matter.


I absolutely love the 10700k also. Honestly if I hadn’t got such a good deal on the 10900k? That’s the processor I would have gotten. But a 10900k for 460$ it’s kind of a no-brainer considering that’s roughly only $80 more then the 10700k and you get two more cores. Even with the deal it was a hard decision to make. The10700k for 375$ is a very enticing processor performance for Dollar Wise

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I run an year old Intel and I don’t feel bad at all.
Unless you’re a person who likes to run benchmarks and compare them with other PC enthusiasts, current CPUs from both vendors do great for gaming.

I hope Intel do catch up though, since competition is important for these things.
AMD might gradually start increasing their price if Intel doesn’t pick up there game. Just like what Intel did when they were the king.

I honestly feel like CPUs in general have reached its pinnacle, where regular consumers don’t need anymore performance.
But I think the advantage of the Ryzen is its really efficient power consumption more than the performance bump.

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They already did; 5600x $300, 5800x $449

What do you mean by interested?

Id get the Ryzen 9 5900x in Q1. Its better in every way. I returned my i9 10900k for the Ryzen 7 5800x (couldnt get a 5900x) and I am not sorry I did it. AMD is just better technology.

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For some reason I’m not getting that huge of a hit any more it was dropping into the 60s. Its now hitting 100-142 pretty much constantly with ray tracing on (115-142 with view distance dropped to 8). BTW going from 3900x to 5900x its at my 142 fps set cap quite a lot. RTX3080 with 5900x at 3440x1440 btw.

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mad jelly bruh

i can’t even get them in my cart :frowning:

Precision Boost Overdrive 2 (PBO2) is coming!


Turning it on voids your warranty :X