5% Feral damage nerf via Naturalist Talent

Very true. Some people like seeing stuff on wowhead though because they believe it more so I figured it was best to give him a link. :slight_smile:

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I mean, I’ve seen all the intern jokes on the forums, but never actually thought they might be on to something…

clearly this is some intern who thought he knew better and decided to push a change live without telling anyone to collect some data.

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5% nerf, after the last buff was 15-20% gains. Let’s all rage and quit. We lost 5% damage! My god the crybabies on this forum are outta control.

My dude, there’s more to it than that.

If you’re talking pve cats in a vacuum yes, this is fine. It really is.

But it’s not in a vacuum when they do broad paints like this. This affects the 3 remaining bear tanks in classic and all 12 of the feral pvpers as well.

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The last buff was more like 4% on the top end, and only in PVE for Feral DPS. This is a 5% nerf to damage dealt with physical attacks across the board, including PVP.


This whole attempt to balance druid dps via buffs and nerf is just one big cat and mouse game right now.

Safe to say it could have got ferally better, but right meow it’s a catastrophe. A lot of people probably logged on today thinking you’ve got to be kitten me and are pawsitive this company has no idea what they’re doing. I think those whole situation is far from purrfect. Clawful even.

Fur real though Blizzard is a :clown_face:


Sims are a good indicator for current buffing and nerfing /s

Other class sims are just propaganda machines manipulated for the sole intent of muzzling ferals worldwide.

Infinitely better than tossing out changes and waiting a week for WCL to catch up.

Yeah, it’s almost like they don’t know how their own game systems work.

Tier set bonuses existed as a way to allow for phase by phase balancing and avoid scaling difficulties.

Glyphs were brought in as a way to tweak balance by context.

Bottom tier talents are designed to be general purpose and used across multiple contexts.

All of this started because of rets complaining…

I’m basically just imagining the bigger dominos meme.

If Blizzard really wanted to touch anything, they should’ve just been nerfing the topmost specs with a very light touch. Trying to add buffs to underperforming specs is folly and hard to control the impact of such things… (which can then require nerfs to balance).

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Feral was kind of unique though. We have (had) energy problems due OOC not working as it was originally intended to work, so ferals got creative with bearweaving/flowershifting during no energy downtime. This made the class even more complicated to play and was causing threat issues. It needed a change.

Rets just got buffed because their damage was bad.

Well, if you want to go all the way back to the roots, it all started with other players excluding rets from playing the content for the spec they chose to play.

I’d put this purely on blizzard, as the starting point for changes was the DK gargoyle nerf/fix.

That being said, their post concerning why they aren’t buffing ret and then followed up with their post that came along with the ret buff just further dug their own grave on the matter.

Druid changes are just them lying in the bed they themselves made.

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Yeah I don’t think it’s ever appropriate to blame the player-base for balance changes. They shouldn’t be doing this by popular vote anyway. One hopes they use their own data…

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Agreed, I support players putting out information in a rational way to support their stance but I don’t think we should have balance by committee.

They barely did during OG wrath, would be surprised if they did now.

Using their own data is showing that they still have a favourite class or classes.

If ferals were too high after the FFF change, which I don’t think they were with the rotation they have to consider, that was an opinion of blizz’s while looking at other classes such as assass rogues and thinking feral shouldn’t be allowed to touch that spot.

Blizz should just go ahead and post their class ranking list that they have on their wall. Let us know what they think should be in spot 1-5 or whatever and then the fotm people can play that and we can leave bears to die.

This isn’t even happening by popular vote; it’s just whatever is seen trending on forums (which is a pretty horrible gauge of popular opinion in a game where a tiny fraction use the forums).

It’s not even clear why this is happening; beyond just fixing issues like gargoyle snapshotting or maybe nerfing specs that got too far ahead on DPS, not sure they should’ve tried changing everything else.

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And bears.

A 5% damage nerf is a direct threat nerf. The “slight” threat buff is literally not even enough to notice. We were not in a good place before, but now bears are completely screwed.

There’s like 20 of us…well there was before they reduced our threat by 5-10%.


It’s just a really stupid change.

What are they even trying to do? It’s as if they feel like they have to come up with ideas to make changes for the 2023 playerbase in order to justify them having a job.

Just revert any changes, and release WotLK in the same patch-order as it was originally. The company is paying developers to make changes that aren’t helpful, but may actually have a negative impact on profit margins.

Time to rethink the dev budget, imo, and walk back all changes made.

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