5% Feral damage nerf via Naturalist Talent

Blizzard, why stealth nerf ferals with a 5% damage nerf? I get that a slight nerf may have been warranted for PvE due to the recent buff, but 5% nerf for PvP as well is actually really noticable.

Also this is a 5% nerf to bears as well. Surely you could’ve came up with something else to nerf, than nerfing feral across all aspects.


And a massive nerf to PvP…

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#somechanges am i right boys?


Yeah this is exactly the kind of thing I didn’t want to see happen and why I made a post that’s been buried a little bit about alternative ways to tune the change.

They need to take a more tactful approach if this is really how they decided to go about it…

Very unfortunate, and has implications of Bear Tanks, PvPers ect now in what was supposed to otherwise be a strict PvE adjustment.


wow feral is trash now

Blizzard can we get another buff now?
seems like you guys are handing them left and right

This is pretty messed up honestly. I haven’t even really been posting about class changes.

Blizzard is clearly treating the game like a kid playing with toys.

Hopefully, they will just revert this and call it “an accident” or whatever and figure out something that doesn’t matter for PVP and bear tanks if that’s really what they want to do.

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You’re expecting more from this :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:company??

And you think I’m the troll lmfao.


the bear and pvp nerfs are disgusting


Blizzard picking winners and losers is a two edged sword.


Not really… I just think this is even crazier than a lot of the other stuff.

My posts have rarely exuded confidence in what they’re doing though.

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I mean… 5% isn’t “massive,” lets be serious… But it was unnecessary and it doesn’t make sense that they should get caught in the crossfire of what was clearly an attempt to walk-back the buffs they made last week, which they very specifically targeted to PVE/dps.

Why be so careful about who you target with your buff, but then just kinda scattershot a nerf intended to mitigate the buff.

It just makes no sense.

They could have just announced that and done the “nerf” in phase 3 so people would be prepared. I feel like this is rushed.

This is a knee jerk nerf if ever i’ve seen one. Feral justifiably needed a nerf at some point in the future, but not a nerf like this. Back to the drawing board blizzard because nerfing pvp and bear is not the way to do it. Especially not a bear nerf.

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Funny thing is - we could see this coming a mile off. They’re flicking changes in untested and then doing panicky changes when it doesn’t go the way they thought it would.

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The speed of it just doesn’t make any sense. Clearly they had absolutely zero chance to test this. At best they simmed it, but it still feels super rushed for no reason at all. It’s not like this is early in a content phase where you might be worried about people stacking ferals to clear content faster or something. They could have easily taken a few weeks to work this out instead of slamming in a hotfix as soon as they got back from the weekend with no warning whatsoever… Makes zero sense…

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Can you link to some info about the 5% damage nerf?

Why even walk it back though? Whatever someone thought about whether class buffs should be happening or not, they did, and the as-is buffs didn’t make ferals the top DPS, so why did they need to get nerfed again? The lock/rogue domination was safe, so past that, who cares?

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a) Lots of logs poured in
b) Maybe someone finally ran a sim or two

Just log in. It’s just a flat 5% from the talent. Used to be 10% to phys damage, now its 5

No official post. The tooltip on Naturalist has been changed, tho.