40 weeks up fully upgrade a Legendary Cloak

No im just reaslistic MMOrpgs are mainly based on grinds.

It used to be that you didn’t mind the grind, because it was fun. Many people would say they sucked the fun out of it, that it’s no longer engaging and rewarding. So I reiterate, you have a high tolerance for unengaging, unrewarding content that is not fun. You’re their kind of subscriber.


It’s kind of impressive how badly interpreted this is.

  • Getting the cloak to rank 15, which will take less than 15 weeks, will give you +50 corruption.
  • At this point, doing 1 of 4 things will grant a Malefic Core, which gives you +3 resistance. Either kill N’Zoth in Normal/Heroic/Mythic, or full clear a Horrific Vision. Not 3 HVs in a week, 1 full clear. Or kill N’Zoth for that week in N/H/M.
  • 25 weeks of the above, gaining 1x Malefic Core worth +3 resistance, will end up giving you a total 125 corruption resistance.

So yes, we’re still looking at probably about 30 weeks to fully upgrade it, but it’s not 125/3 = 42 weeks. The cloak doesn’t work that linearly.


Wrong i find it fun but to each there own but you can’t tell me what i find fun or not fun only i can tell that for myself nobody else.Stop speaking for me.

But you are telling me what I should consider to be fun.

So you’re still be working that raid for progression 25 weeks into the patch?


This was already commented on by a Blue and stated to not really be correct.


I never said that your making stuff up now i simple said MMOrpgs are mainly based on grinds thats it your reaching here. In fact i find WoW so called grinds a massive joke compared what i use to play. This is what i said"No im just reaslistic MMOrpgs are mainly based on grinds." no where did i say you should be haveing fun doing it thats subjective.


Sounds like blizzard does not know what to do and still wants to have all of our play time.

Lack of creativity + greed = HOA / leggo cloak.


I think the assumption that people shouldn’t expect to be having fun is responsible for a lot of the loss in subscribers.

People buy this game for its entertainment value. When they no longer find it entertaining, they stop paying.


Once you hit Rank 15, then you can do Horrific Visions with a Mask and/or kill N’zoth to upgrade the Corruption Resistance on your cloak further.

I would have thought this would be important to people.

It is fun to watch this train wreck I can’t lie.

40 weeks.

10 months.

I went from a single cell zygote to being born in less time than that lol.


The unfortunate side-effect to this approach is that players who enjoy semi-competitive endgame activities are going to do the things regardless of whether or not the things are fun. So when Ion and Co. look at the spreadsheets, they’re going to see people grinding cloak resistance and say, “look at all the people doing this, they must really like it.”


Ohly crap a legendary takes time to get!?!?!?! Say it ain’t so!! overly dramatic fake feint

8.3 is the shadowlands systems testing phase.

What you are about to do is test out what they want to do in Shadowlands.

This awful kiss/curse obsession that started in 8.2 is all groundwork for Shadowlands.

The feedback has been clear from the very start of 8.2: players do not like negative effects on their gear. They don’t like permanent debuffs. Nobody wants to watch their characters grow weaker in an RPG, we have something called real life for that and it happens to us every day as we slowly grow old and die.

This is you testing Shadowlands for them with this awful corruptforging.


Gotta appease those shareholders!

Shareholders first, paying customers second.

So glad I unsubbed


Remains to be seen. There’s nothing major coming up after 8.3 … if we get an 8.3.5 it’ll be maintenance stuff intended to make BFA easier to swallow for the content drought until Shadowlands release. We don’t have a release date on that, other than “before 12/31/2020.” So I can’t say for certain what I’ll be doing 20+ weeks into the raid cycle, nor can I speak for anyone else.

I just pointed out the time it would take to reach max by their planned upgrade path.

Like pathfinder…it was a smashing success if you just look at the raw numbers of people who completed it. Just like Loremaster…up from ~20% to over 40%…because they lock core functionality behind their stupid grinds.

“I must be a genius! Just look at all these players doing the content the I designed!” Ion - Probably.


That’s Ionforging.

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I enjoy how people keep ignoring the posts, including linked blue, showing the op is wrong only to keep saying how stupid the devs are


They aren’t “stupid”. Nobody said they were. They are out of touch with what the playerbase is willing to pay for. That’s a fail.