350g Black Lotus is insanity

Bc was released in Jan of 2007, so you literally did not play vanilla at all.


Last night, /who winterspring: nine level 1 rogues, one level 1 hunter. I’m sure that’s totally working as intended, sigh.


70g/hour as a holy priest? Wtf are you doing for that??

Mara princess runs with mining/herbing +selling blackstone ring for 30g.

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edge of madness trinket is very overated, only usefull to parse high wich is a moot point as healer (asuming you talk druid/priest one)

It is not overrated with 8/8 priest T2. You can use the same argument for any healing gear.

No current raids require flasks, the issue is knowledge/market foresight affecting the supply and demand. Back in Vanilla, future content was not known by the player-base until it was released. Fast forward to today where we have had private servers doing the “Vanilla Content Patch Cycle” over and over, and people know what is coming.

So if I know what is coming (Nature Res for AQ, Shadow/Frost for Naxx, etc.) I can plan ahead. This leads to people hoarding consumables (especially Black Lotus), driving up the prices.

Black lotus must stay a luxury.

They aren’t essential at all. Except for parsing 99+. And if you want to do that, Classic is all about investissement -> reward. So play for it, nothing wrong here.

The only thing they should “fix” it’s the ghost camping of the Black lotus’s spawns.

Prevent ghosts to see plants AND randomize the spawn of the black lotus in an area. Ex : it could spawn on every moutain silversage spawn in the area and their orignal emplacement.


Bingo. That’s part of it. The problem is, for a lot of guilds, including mine, trying to parse well remains the only real “content” within the content. Speed running, not so much for rankings on the logs, but more for our own enjoyment is what keeps raiders coming back every tuesday to do content that is mind numbingly boring. Obviously people want their gear to drop too but plenty of us are still running MC on our mains even though we don’t need anything(only there for niche good items like BRE, Accuria, Caut Band, etc) and the only thing that keeps us sane is trying to parse as well as we can and get it over with as fast as possible.

It’s definitely a culture thing and I fully understand most guilds in classic don’t have this mindset. It’s a competitive thing. The raids are trivial, but the competitive aspect of trying to parse against each other and other guilds is what keeps them somewhat interesting. That’s really it. And the same thing will happen with AQ within a matter of weeks. Not knocking any casual guilds that don’t require consumes or world buffs, that’s their choice. I’m just thankful as a rogue, I really don’t need to be using titan flasks. I’ve already got over 7K HP with world buffs and a zanza potion but I pity our casters who are flasking every week and paying these absurd lotus prices. And they absolutely are ABSURD, and everyone who’s being objective knows it.

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What astonishes me is that people will spend many hours grinding gold to save themselves 15 minutes in MC/BWL. Surely there is some part of their brain which acknowledges that this doesn’t make sense?


Again, it’s a mindset thing. It’s the competitive nature of parsing that motivates people to grind the gold needed to make those runs faster. Some people like vanilla, some people like chocolate. That’s all it comes down to. You can still find the competitive aspect of things that are easy. Parsing well definitely isn’t hard, and 90% of it is having full world buffs. The other 10% is knowing your class well enough to hit buttons in the proper order.

that’s not a bot, that’s a player who was using eagle eye to scout herbs and logging into their alt parked in top of the lotus immediately.

I get people don’t like losing out on lotus but you people really need to stop blaming bots when your just losing against human competition.

I have never purchased a black lotus, and have no intention of doing so any time soon. I refuse to contribute to this insanity.

You wont notice a few missing flasks if your guild is clearing fast, but if you are tracking your parses and chasing a higher personal best, you have to flask or your only hope for a parse is getting really lucky RNG.

Stop chasing parses and this becomes a non issue.


Good thing Black Lotus isn’t even close to being required for the current content. Should have been buying cheap ones and saving them for part of the game that’s actually wipeable :slight_smile:

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I’ve been 300 herbalism for like 6 months now and in that time I think I’ve only ever found and looted one lotus, and even that one time I had a guy trying to yoink it from me as I had to blind a mob next to it to pick it. Thankfully I got the successful pick, and I even got a nice “fu” in /say for my troubles from the other guy. This is on herod where people are constantly doing lotus routes and having alts parked at specific spawns to check on the hour. Even during off-hours from like 3-6AM, they’re still farmed.

So, I don’t buy lotus at these prices and I’m never going to, but it still affects me because the prices affect the Edge of Madness potions for ZG, and I need the trinket as a rogue. It’s not just a PVP item for us, it’s also incredibly strong in PVE with how short fights are. Pretty much a BiS trinket until you’re wearing both DFT and Earthstrike.

The Rank 12-14 gear and weapons are also considered BIS, yet I’m not about to do that grind either. All current content can be cleared without BIS gear and flasks.

Makes me wonder why these people play a game that they don’t even like playing. Why play a game if all you want to do is “get it over with as fast as possible?”

Ironically, a big reason the content is so easy (and thus boring) is because everyone is stacking so many buffs that raid DPS is several times higher than was intended.

To me this is Classic’s biggest flaw. If this content was live and being actively managed, I think Blizzard would almost certainly retune everything to account for everyone colluding online and stacking all the buffs, like private servers did, or remove the buffs entirely, like they did in TBC. But it is what it is.

I’m looking forward to TBC when this buff stacking silliness is fixed.


I DON’T stack world buffs and flasks, and yet I’m STILL close to pulling threat off tanks most fights. People need to chill out with this nonsense.