350g Black Lotus is insanity

Randomize the spawn points = end of the madness! I’ve already made several posts/comments on this issue.


Are you serious?
the existence of layering at all proves the servers have too many people


it’s a blatant bfa troll lol


hmmmmmmmmmmm… very interesting… not

expect black lotuses to be 600+ gold when phase 6 hits, if not higher
inflation won’t stop because there aren’t enough gold sinks to stop it

People are panic buying lotus, that is why the price is crazy atm.

Also reminder it’s not just server population that’s the problem.

Lotus used to spawn in the middle of AV once per hour in the REAL version of AV (not this 1.12 crap), and also had a rare chance of spawning in Dire Maul.

So there used to be a constant supply of Black Lotus from PvPrs and Dire Maul groups/farmer but since that’s not a thing in this stupid 1.12 version of classic the only method of supply is from cartels.


It was a problem until they fixed it, which is what blizz should do, the mage must be smokin something good if this looks like normal prices.

I’ve never been able to find confirmation of Lotus in AV and DM being in Vanilla, curious if you have any resources I’ve not happened across.

Vanilla B.Lotus prices at highest were like 25g, an people were still acting like that was high to use for ZG runs.

Demand rising in classic makes sense, if your in a speedrun guild, your gonna use full consumes, if your in a guild that wipes alot, its prob cheaper to pop a flask of supreme power once than arcane and shadow power every single wipe.

Best thing you can do is boycott bl and get others to not flask for raid content.

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I don’t flask for raids. But I need black lotus for the edge of madness. Do you also want me to boycott a raid boss and a BiS trinket?

What’s next? Boycotting a raid tier? The entire game?

There literally aren’t enough lotuses for everyone. If you’re going for authenticity you need to shorten the respawn timer in order for supply to keep up with the demand.

I was not trolling. I merely gave my opinion on this matter. My character has been in WoW since about June of 2007. I remember the “classic experience” on this character leveling to 60 before the BC experience nerf. Check my achievements, I did the charger quest for the paladin mount and I have over 300,000 HKs. I have a right to give my opinions on classic. It is competition with retail (for players, which without WoW wouldn’t exist)

guys, they know, they just dont care

You do whatever it is you want to do, if you wanna spend 600g for a single plant go for it…

It’s just basic buying/selling though if you make something too high in which nobody is going to pay for they will eventually lower it, but people are too caught up in this meme of mandatory flasking/having all world buffs etc. which is making us herbalist/alchemist quite rich and able to make gold off this meme and tryhards.

Ok. I believe you you weren’t trolling.

Since you believe we had rose-tinted glasses, I have to ask you a few questions about retail, to see if your eyes are clear.

Do you enjoy grinding azerite neck levels separately on all your alts?

Do you enjoy grinding essences separately on all your alts, untill very recently?

Do you enjoy grinding cloak levels separately on all your alts?

Do you enjoy grinding reputations to unlocking flying?

Do you enjoy grinding reputations to unlock allied races?

And importantly, do you enjoy almost all of these being timegated via limited, repetative, daily and weekly quests?

You come to Classic forums and dare say that Classic is a grind? Classic is a breath of fresh air compared to the chore that is retail. Black lotus being 350G is outrageous, compared to the original vanilla prices. But even with that price, I, as a healing priest, can grind that gold in 5 hours, doing multiple different methods. And I can do it half an hour each day if I wish, or 5 hours in one sitting if that suits me.

In retail, I must play 1 hour a day. Every single day. Or I am PERMANENTLY behind.

So no. Classic isn’t grindy. Retail is. You need to “grind” a bit more in classic than you had in vanilla, due to mismanagement of the same dev team which leads retail. Color me surprised. But that’s why the Classic player base is distressed: they don’t want to grind more than they did in vanilla! They despise the grind retail has become, and they ran away to a 15 year old game to escape it.

And yes. Retail competes with Classic. And the only rose tinted glasses around here are worn by retail defenders who ignore daily candy crush mini games in retail, and act distressed about soloing dungeons for 5 hours.


Classic is absolutely grindy, but it’s a different kind - it’s a raw grind. I vastly prefer it, steady progress and you can very easily pick up and go. Retail is an awful grind.

I’m sure population is a factor. But I think the bigger factor is parse culture. I think the majority of raiders in vanilla simply didn’t use them for farm content. There was no point. They only used them when they were learning new bosses. But now everyone feels like they have to have maximum buffs to compete on the logs, even when the content is pi$$ easy.


But the thing is, imagine time gating is removed from retail. Whenever you complete a daily quest, another one spawns. Even then, the RAW grind you have to do in retail is vast. Time gating just hides it.

Lets look at a toxic rep to grind in Classic: timbermaw rep. You have to kill mobs. A lot of mobs. It gets boring. But you can group up, and the rep gain is faster. It naturally makes you socialize, like an MMO should. If you are on a PvP server, the mobs are a resource. A resourse worth fighting for. Emergent wpvp happens. Again you need to group up, this time to survive. And all of a sudden, you are fighting huge packs of mobs, in a 5 man dungeon group, straining your resourses, and fighting the opposite faction. All of a sudden, if you treat this game as an MMO, this toxic grind becomes fun. And fast.

Now lets look at BFA. Tortolan rep. A turtle made it to the water. Play the same minigame a thousand times*. The end. Can you speed it up by grouping? Of course not. Just as a raw rep grind, tortollan rep is more toxic than timbermaw rep grind.

*Disclaimer: the thousand quests number is totally ad hoc and almost definitely widely inaccurate.